Thursday, October 23, 2014

Brian & Wayne heading out for Brian's further introduction to being an instructor.

The FLWOP landing apparently

Wayne trying to hide from the Camera or having a short nap.

Couple new Patches for the Bomber Jacket.

The much sought after 

Stratford Sport Flyers Patch.

EAA B-17 Patch

The EAA Member Sticker

Mark & LTH were out again today here are some more shots.

LTH shortly to head to the WAW workshop for an extreme make over as Marks Cresco is just about ready to go from the same Make over.

Keeping with the Ag side of things this lil tacker had made a run for it from Mum. Always one Rebel in the pack.

Now today was interesting being Thursday 23 Oct.

Our fella's new Sign at entrance to Aerodrome. Pretty Slick eh.

Another to go up out on SHW-3 as well.

Below is our Mower Captain out to mow the Aerodrome.

That there mower set on the back is $57 K of Modern Mowing technolgy. Takes about 3 quarters of a day to mow.

Must be a Navy Mower with folding wings.

RNZAF C-130 turned up but was scared off by the Mower. So thats 1 to us 0 to RNZAF. First Kill of the exercise.

He did a full tactical bug out looked real slick.

Making a run for it heading South

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Couple shots of things whizzing overhead and Aerowork back in from around the Mountain.

Becks Huey heading northish

Then Southish to Eltham Base.

Augusta 139 I think.

We are getting a new sign......

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Around the Aerodrome Sunday 19th October.