Saturday, August 23, 2014

Saw this on NZ Civil and borrowed it sure he won't mind.

Bretts CASSUTT has moved north.

A Surprise Restoration at Ardmore 23-8-2014

I was very surprised to see the fuselage of our only Cassutt Racer, ZK-DHJ, in the Avspecs hangar at Ardmore today.  I never thought we would see a Cassutt Racer flying again in New Zealand again, but I was wrong!

It had only been transported up from Brent Emeny's hangar in New Plymouth yesterday.  Brent has donated the aircraft to Louis McNair who is planning to restore the aircraft along with Daniel Frew of Avspecs.  I was told that the fuselage was in good condition and the wings were in very good condition.  It is planned to power the restored Cassutt with an 0-200 engine which should give it a lot of get up and go.

The photo shows Louis McNair holding the canopy in place.  Louis is the third generation of McNairs in the local aviation scene, following in the footsteps of his father Robert McNair and grandfather Wallace McNair.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Saturday the 30th of August at the Club rooms.

Come hear and see the adventures of Wayne & Gary of there travels around the United States of America and especially OSHKOSH 2014.

This is a Pot Luck dinner arrangement so be there.

Also so interesting Airplane news.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Dennis our newest member has been out taking pic's round the place so here they are.

I also took Dennis for a fly as well and here enjoying some formation work with John in JPX

Looks pretty darn happy about it all

The reverse of my earlier pic. The Team out enjoying the evening sun.

Well thats all folks 

Mean while back in Stratford.

SSF at rest after a hard morning aviating. Enjoying the Sun on the SuperAir Hard stand.

Gary & ONE were out and about all day.

Nice day at the Aerodrome.

TEAM ZK-JRV RV-12 outa Ardmore heading in for a visit.  Great to see ya here do come again. Especially as we have no landing Charges.....

Couple nice Glider shots

The CT-4 correction 601 team SSF & JPX

Alan back from Hawera and about.

JRV about to head home via the Summit & NP.

They are OFF

Glider VV stooging about

Good flight looks happy about it all

Allan W was outa also and shot off in SSF

Quite amazing SSF has done from 1st June to now has done probably 70 plus hours not bad for winter

JPX & RVH just hanging

Our newest member Dennis A checking the place out

The lil Russki JTA hard at work on the tow.

John heading off again

Tim H watching proccedings and heading back with the Tow Rope.

Busy day planes everywhere

Glider VV heading in on her last flight of the day.

Gary B checking us out making sure we doing it right.

Gary & ONE out and about again

Needs new rings ....? run outa smoke by then.

Gary & One heading Home

Gary & RVH heading in.

601's comparing notes

He's back oh no now heading home.

Gary up again as well. When will it end NEVER

The Gliders heading for some R & R after a hard days work.

Mountain starting to surcumb to the setting sun