Monday, June 27, 2016

Alan F took this shot on Sunday.

The money shot it surely is.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sunday the 26th  was rather damp and a bit windy.

A reasonable amount of Puddles of Doom.

If ya got Floats probbly work.

If flying in pay to give me a ring so we can tell what ya up against.

Flying Probably be off today.

Windsock pretty consistant.

Our Cat Shymus Tui making sure all his Balls in a row.

Touch his balls he gets pretty testy

Saturday, June 25, 2016

!!!! DAWN RAID !!!!


Sunday 14th AUGUST 2016

Breakfast Starts 0615 

(especially if ya want BACON)

25th June saw a very nice GT 351 cruising by

Pumps just chilling settling in.

Testing of the TwinAstir after Airbrakes rebuilt

Just Off 

Slowly Slowly

Getting There.

What a nice Painted Flag pole there. Oh still going.

Third Launch as second was abandoned

Well they work.

Off again.

Approch & Overshoot

I think the flat Paddle guy wins


Friday, June 24, 2016

For your INFO people



3919.19S 17418.18E


Q) NZZC/QMRLT/IV/NBO /A /000/999/3919S17419E
B) 16/06/19 23:32 C) 16/07/19 00:00

Friday the 24th June.


Another couple weeks to go....

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Wed the 22nd June was wet and low coud misty foggish like.

Except at my place as finished painting house this AM just in the right spot.

I have coned off the area ya see there as some clown keeps driving over to the Glider Hangar instead of using access road. I mean she is a tad soggy.

Yeah I suspect flying will be off today...

Going through a stick today and found these.

Pic's from back in the day.

That'll be ZK-PRO the Dacron overcast of Mr Alan F & Gary C.

Now living in Aussie or South Africa.

Pro & Bantam FYH just chilling.

Minicab heading somewhere's.

Terrier 200 at Turangi I think.

Minicab & me ole Jodel at Turangi.

RVH gettting some sun.

Ian T with DVG which he helped build back in 1974. First time seen since.

Ross D doing stuff.

DVG & EDR chewing the Phat..

The gang just sunning themselves

Couple Jodels doing what Jodels do ..


Ole EDR on the RNZAF hard stand at Wellington.

Out side Terminal Gate 19 WN

JLZ with Tiba and friend with big teeth behind.

EEF with mate Mustang WWM Bill's machine from Masterton

Minicab, T-51 & Jodel waht a fighting force I would run if I saw that lot coming.

Escorting Bill & WWM of the premises heading South.

Pictures taken by Ian T from RVH.

Whole bunch of flying machines.

Remember that's how one used to get ones gas.

The team enjoying the Sun.

Kenny's previous ride lil ole 601 JLI

That would be Tony's Sadler Vampire there. No not the red one thde Bluey Grey one. Might Stick on a post in the Carpark wadda reckon Tony......

Kenny & our Patron Brett E discussing how awesome Jodels are.

Some people that went flying in the Jodel

That would be Hazel from Scotland there all of 81 years and absolutely loved it. My most advanced in years Pax at the time.

Although Sue's Ma holds the record now by around another  years.

That would be Gordon previous Stratford Press editor

Jamie who is in Western Aussie now 

Two from Canada and Neville from South Australia

The Volcanic refugees (when that Iceland Volcano Blew up and all jets in Europe were Grounded.

We had a bus tour come through so here showing them about.

Cup of tea time.

Wayne giving them a rev up.....

Young Japanese fella wandered inwas like a kid in a Candy store they aren't allowed to do this stuff in Japan.

Club trip to Raglan at some point.

SSF checking out the Pitt's

Very rare SSF towing Glider Pic.

That'll be Lyle there getting the Hand of instruction.

Young Bruce & Wayne about to go skyward.

Johns ole GT- 400

The man himself. Man handling FVZ's Rudder.

Ah ole TIG russel's ride a really neat machine (Previously Tig Laws as well) check out the size of that prop.

Russel & his Dad about to head for the big Blue.

Kevin J's Comanche

JTA doing her thing.

Mikey Southward used to call in every now and then with his Robbie.

Kevin going down hill in his big black tail dragger YAK.


Just clearing the Yaks throat

As ya do.

CAW the AcroSport flying past.

D-18 JAC in for gas.

Jim Smilie was over for a bit a few years back in his Tecnam.

The Sadler Vampire looking like he's taken a bit outa him.

Bretts very nice YAK ya can tell that as says so on the side.

Nice Mountain YAK interface.

That will be Brett in the rear with Fay taking him home after a hard days flying.


This lil Aussie battler the Brumby was heading back to Aussie that day.

A Texan dropped by for a bit.

Also Jodel JSC outa NP

Early morning Op's 

SNW with the big R behind.

back in 09.