Thursday, September 3, 2015

One look at LTH and it gives you an Idea how soft the place is at present.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Righto Team gonna extend the Polo Shirt & Cap form till end of September so get ya name down.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Trucked on by the Aero Club this Arfo and it looked like this.

Idare say if ya want a Seaplane or Float plane rating Wayne be able to sort ya out as the Puddles of Doom had appeared.

It is Very very SOFT

Just remember where they are and aviod when it fines up for Flying 

Be well fly lots

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sunday the 30th August (end of August already bloody hell) dawned quite pleasant then got a bit Doughey.

Mark T was out for a bit showing his Old Man about and of course came to have a look at TVG.

He was suitably impressed.

Susie wanted to go for a fly so we did.

Check out the Climb rate on the VSI...

Just passing Tariki & thats the Tariki Pub down there...

Tracking Northish

Never give ya camera to the FLT CMNDR as this happens.

not to bad


Don't mess with her .... if she wants the Heater on she will dam will put it on.

Gary unpacking his new Strobe for JAU the upgrading continues.

Alan was busy polishing RSR's wing

Gary sorting out the new Bungy's

A long shot. Note holes at front of Hangar previous Possum eradication efforts back in the Day.

Gary still hard at it.

Gary & RVH heading out for a wash.

Going around as wants to do it again

Mean while Gary was well into the Strobe fitting excercise.

The Strobe.

Back in for RWY-27

In for a Full Stop Landing

Back to Hangar

After all that stuff time for afternoon Smoko thanks for the Choc cake Gary. very nice it was.

Aerodrome farm assistant doing the Fert thing either that or he needs a new set of Rings.

Ya gotta have a dog....Arrons one always likes to get out and about.

The fitting of the Strobe under way.

Looking Sexy

Now when people start to arrive ya no it's gonna work......

Alan hard at it still Gary H supervising

Check out the Convergence oh and the Fert Trucks.

3 people now it's getting serious and Al's moving really quick.

Al checking out RSR's lighting

Oh now 3 again man this must be getting intense.

All looking in the same hole. Yours trully with torch

Gary checking out his Strobe handy work (his works, Alans not so much) including the stand off's for the brake lines.

Looking Good.

Well that's it be well fly lots.