Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sunday the 21st of September started off fine and sunny then the overcast appeared then it came fine again later in the afternoon.

Wind was from South West then Southerly and finally South Easterly.

Anyhoo some pic's of the day.

A grey day not much good for taking pictures

Big side slip behind the tree.

Garys new Brain Keeper looks pretty Slick in a Maverick kinda way

The Lad's from out East Tim & Jim popped in for a bit.

All go around the place.

Not a great pic against the Grey SSF on short finals

Gary back from first flight of the day.

Note Spring has sprung in the fore ground.

Alan off again 

As was Gary & RVH



Then down

Yes Roger again just after lunch on the BBQ of Sausages & Eggs very nice washed down with a coffee

Another pic of Roger to prove it wasn't a fluke that's 3 weekends in a row now.

Not a Stratford thing but hell he is not to bad at all.

Ivan Krippner in the Wanaka Stars in there eyes.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

 Here ya see Wayne in front of the other Club plane B-17 the Ali Overcast.

Sure as hell uses a lot of AVGAS.....

Another reason not to PISS OFF the CFI.

Note the Stylish Stratford Aero Club Sport Flyers shirt he is brandishing very Slick.

Looking for errant twins flying through the Circuit and the odd  Cessna,Piper & RV.

Team Richmond Wayne & Pauline arriving at that small gathering known around the world as 


Ah one day maybe.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Sat the 13th was a tad damp  with the occasional fine spell.

On arrival I found Sven (Big Chief of the Property section at the Stratford District Council) and friends enjoying some flying activity (Gary & RVH had just been up), Svens a regular comes and watches the flying most weekends.

He also advised they were going to put some picnic tables up in the Visitor parking area. Although a bit surprised they weren't there. I suspect they may arrive quick smart now. :0)

Gary & ONE arriving 

Nice Rainbow shot.

Then he's off again

Great shot of Gary & One

Into a Grey sky

Alan & Gary & I had just checked out Alan's Hangar

Alan preparing to go aviate 

Looking a tad damp

Even more damp

That fella on the Quad wasn't mucking around.

Having decided it might be a bit to Damp Alan heads back to the Hangar.

One must understand here at Stratford it is an Alpine enviroment. One make the best of any aviation & WX  oppitunities. Although one is trained to make the right judgement calls as well such as Alan has here.

All good learning experience to becoming a well rounded aviator with actual real WX experience.

Easier ways to wash the plane as well.

We shall try again Sunday.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Fired up the Aerodrome Rapid Response Truck today to give it a run.

The Gliding team were out today trying to find some thermals but still a tad to cold.

Wayne was out showing some people around in the Club plane.

The chaps resting in between flying and other interesting stuff.

Well it was there a minute a go chaps.

Oh found it .....stand easy.

RVH just chilling .... well it was a South Easterly

Some Gliding walking going down or retrevial some call it.

Nice shot of SSF heading out again

Gary & Ian heading out for a Blat

The Gliding whinch RWY-27 end

Yes Brian is on the wrong side maybe because he is starting his instructor Rating. Good Lad. 

Ian & Gary returning from places out East

RWY-27 Eastern end windsock with wind dying.

Must be end of the Day as Ales are out.

Alan and the Titan out then back

Looking suitably Pilotish

Gary & ONE & the Moon.

First one in last one out

Thats all folks for Sunday 9th September