Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sunday Morning Shaun was just back from his first Sortie of the day.

Tommie EVG was in looking for gas sorry now closed but watch this space.

Didn't hear EVG on radio so might have been on the Blink or on 119.1 still

Never mind

EVG heading out again Mustang getting ready to blast off

Young Mike checking the Mustang out

Jim wandered over for a look said it was a funny looking Glider Pfffft

Although said it was very nice.

Bruce & Ross looking slick in front of TVG.

Mike & I went out looking for Mustangs in SSF and look we found one.

Thanks to Mike for manning the Camera

Must have spotted one of those GA planes trying to sneak through Stratford Airspace

Whilst Shaun was out hunting the HUN (or doing the serious stuff of getting used to TVG) we shot over and got a pic of local Scouts camping at Midhurst

Glider on Tow JTA doing the Biz today

Young Joe trying the Mustang on for size

Note the Sexy looking Exhaust stains.

Gary & Ross heading out

The Calbri getting a lot of attention

RVH & SSF just chilling

Shaun doing the House work on the Mustang

The Lads back after a Blat

Some of the Team from Hawera Aero Club checking the Mustang out

Good to see Tony (President Hawera Club) in to check the Mustang out.

The Fleet plus RVH taking five

Sunday on the way to Aerodrome this AM spotted the Silver Fern Rail car at Midhurst.

Got a pic & a bit of Video

Used to load and unload this Puppy way back from 79 to 83


Now here is some Video for ya Awl

That's it for Saturday





Saturday, February 28, 2015

We like to get them young 

Mustang certainly doing that

The Torana heading Home

NEC from Norfolk Road Field checking the Mustang out

She was a busy place today.

Gary H trying here out for size. reckon he's gonna trade in his RV-4  Pfffft. The lil one supervising

The ICEMAN Bryan  heading out in the Bantam

I also went later and while flying about spotted the Silver Fern Railcar at Midhurst haven't seen that in years must have been on Charter

Busy Busy Busy

NEC heading home note Ruapheau behind

Bantam down amoungst the weeds on approach

Bryan heading out with his lil one

Bit of time in the Bantam & he's converting to the Mustang :0)

Nice shot Gay & ONE

Alan doing some Hangar Flying in RSR

Then the real thing....

Wayne resting between doing stuff

Mike & Bryan checking he's resting Proper like.

Carl heading out for a Blat round the place in TVG

Bit of gear about today

Oh yeah man