Monday, April 21, 2014

Nice and Sunny this AM Monday. So got SSF out and away I went.

These taken just before take off. Thats all I got lets say I prefer Stirred not Shaken.

Mind good flight anyhoo as any flight is.

SSF chewing the Phat in the Sun with CML

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Half of the Eagle Squadron SNW & SNJ getting ready to go aviate. John heading home in SNJ.

Doing the Sonerai (Tail Dragger thing) Zig Zag so one can see where one is placing ones self.

Mike Wayne & SNW on the return from places North.

Late Saturday afternoon half the Eagle Squadron were seen returning from a surprise attack on Fern Glen Field.

Early Sunday Morning these here Magpies were seen here dealing to a Hawk but he wasn't really that fussed .... Great to watch.

Taken at my place just up the road from the Aerodrome so nice and handy.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Well Friday we had the planes all super polished for Wanaka but alas Saturday dawned not condusive to Flight so we Flagged it.


Better to Fly another day

SSF in her Sexy new Nite Gown looks pretty slick

Gary was also keen even though his left wing on his person wasn't that flash.

He heading out with Wayne to escort John in who was flying SNJ

A couple Sonerai's

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Now I don't know about you but we here at The Stratford Aerodrome have great working relationship with the Local Stratford District Council who operate the Aerodrome.

Yesterday we had a meeting with the council team consisting of Sven, Vicki and Niel who have direct responsibility for the welfare of the Aerodrome through council eyes.
The meeting was well attended and many things discussed. It's a good time to bring things up face to face with the people or administer the Aerodrome for the council.
The farm surrounding the Aerodrome supports the Aerodrome itself and the point of difference at Stratford is we have no landing charges as the farm of sets this.

Below is Vicki Property Manager for the S.D.C and a really great sort as we have any concerns we can direct to her with them.

(and she knows I will......)

Now I ask you where else in the World will you see a Council officer wandering round the place in Bare Feet.

Hey thats how we roll in Taranaki.....

Noel Bailey & JAC (D-18) was in for a while waiting for the WX to settle. Seen here departing South. 

These pic's taken with IPhone so not that flash.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Pic's of  SNW with her new Smoke system under test here. Unlike Gary & One who uses Transmission Fluid Wayne's using Diesel.

Gary & ONE showing hows it's done on this Approach and over Shoot.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

HELIPRO BK-117 in doing Power line inspections.

But not today as Mountain and low cloud and mist put paid to that as seen here heading for home. 

Joe was out giving JOE.jnr a run after some recent work on various bits and pieces.