Saturday, January 24, 2015

Saturday the 24th Jan was a quiet day till later on this Arfo

A family group had a wander round (yes you can do this at this Aerodrome) after asking what was who why and when.

First Glider away there five I think up at once as some booming thermals

Pete heading back in after a few hours

Mr Williams extracting himself from said Glider

Tim back in after a near 5 hour flight

Young Mike up there sanding getting ready for some Paint

Wayne getting ready to take up the first of his four PAX 

Gary & ONE were in a couple times he also went for a look at the Whanga Republic day

SNW on the Taxi

Getting busy again

Nice sun shots

The Ladies looking for SNW

Off again

Back again

Off again

Just broke ground

Extreme range shot up against the Mountain

There was a bit of that going on.....

Ditto for Mark & LTB

Well ya don't see this every day.

Now in the NAKI you dress in suitable atire to go get the herd in for Milking

That's a pretty mean pace she has got on there mind you it's a bit of a walk to the other end of the Aerodrome so ya don't wanna be mucking about.


                      BE THERE
Nice shot of Mountain & Moon 

Mark & LTB back in from a long day spreading goodness throughout the land

Not bad right on the Numbers if we had any

SSF continues her never ending training missions at a cracking pace.

Wayne was instructing today

John was out also giving JPX a blat around the place.

SSF heading out

JPX doing her Run Up

John getting ready to Aviate

SSF blasting off

Training Team old and New

The Orange and Grey team chilling after there flights

The Stratford Sport Flyer's Emblem

The old one