Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sunday the 7th was a boomer very nice and warm

SSF & TVG getting some Rays before first start of the day.

Mountain just about outa bed

Still chilling

Wayne sliding in 09

Then Gary & ONE

Jeez mate those rings need doing.....

More like left smoke switch on me thinks

Wayne & Jason heading for a briefing

Gary & TVG about to hit the skies

On taxi and back track 09

ONE & SNW sunning themselves

SSF still getting some ray's

TVG & Gary arrive overhead

Finals 09

Jason about to go aviaite post briefing

Time to go.


I believe that might be the Symons R44 passing overhead

ONE & Gary heading outa here

SSF & Jason & Wayne back from out Northish bit hazy

Finals 09

I suspect Jason is taking a liking to this flying thing again.

Now for a whizz about in SNW

Lets try that again

Lil one checking out SSF with dad

One of the regular high flyers

SNW approach and overshoot

One going the other way

Shaun back in

LIL Aviator of the feathered variety didn't make it

Sue trying out being a Fighter Pilot

Alan getting RSR ready for some Sky stuff

Sue & I went for a twilight flight & someone forgot ones Sunnies good all the same around 2030

Sue looking happy bout it all

Some nice evening shot's taken by Sue

It's that way 

That's all folks