Tuesday, May 31, 2016


AGM 15th JUNE 2000 hours

BE THERE............

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Sunday the 29th May

The Puddle of doom was slowly drying.

Gary & RVH heading out to keep regular.

Gary & ONE on finals 27 Whilst Gary & RVH doing Runup & DVA's

Whilst Aerodrome Hawk approaching from 34.

Gary & ONE decided to give the Hawk right of way.

Overshoot 27

Closely followed by Gary & RVH.

Looks happy with his lot.

Ya can just make out Gary trying to close up on Gary.

Gary & ONE safely past the Pylons and wires short finals 27.

ONE try to hide behind some Greenery.

Pop's out the other side.

Quickly followed by RVH & Gary.

Now we had a visit from Les Sutherland from Levin. His previous working life as an Aircraft Engineer (apparently a very good one he's Scottish a tad. He said used to do all his Calc's in his head) and Cessna Restorer amounsgt other things.

What a life that was, he regailed us with his many tales of things he had seen & done and survived.

Now some people can tell tale's (alot can't) but Les is of the former and had us in stitches for most of the hour he was there.

Welcome back anytime Les.

TGC & another Les out to give her a run keep her regular like.

Closely followed by Glyn & JLZ.

Rain has melted some of the Snow off the Mountain. Although there was snow about about as it got cold real cold after 1500.

See ya.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

28th May 

Not much to report other than some Puddles of DOOM have appeared.

So if taxing take it slow as ya might hit a hole even when it's dried up.

You think you're having a bad day...........

Friday, May 27, 2016

27th May saw fine and flyable weather interspersed with narly cloud and rolling showers.

Now be up standing for the Flag now. 
Been flying like that for a week and half now.

Yes the Mountain showing a bit of her Flanks still pretty much down to Ski field.

SSF chilling after some flying to get all cobwebs and water out.

Ya gotta fly them people to keep them regular.

Like wise for SNW.

Gotta keep that lil 80hp Jabiru regular. Mind you after 700 odd hours of problem free running don't take much.

All in the setup and running the thing properly that counts.

On the taxi for 27.

Runway was suprisingly dry considering the rain we've had. Expected to be cleaning mud off but there was none.

Some big black clouds about.

WX about but flyable and man was it smooth.

Here in SD we fly between the WX other wise you wouldn't. Good training as it getsd one ready for the real world of Flying not being a sunshine Pilot. You will get caught by Wx at some point and pays to have the training and experience of it than not. We are all about SAFETY & getting people to manage there risk here at SD.

Ya gotta love these boomer cloud Formations around the place.

SNW & Wayne checking the state of the runway from the top of this Loop.

Approach & Overshoot 09 making sure birds are clear.

That way and then this way

Base for 27

Extremely short finals 27

Nicely warmed up to keep the water and corrosion away as per any aircraft.

This one just looks a tad more sexy than most.

No we haven't been over taken by Gypsie's that's Glider Engineer Mike's accomadation whislt he is busy boring holes in Gliders etc.

Gary & ONE on finals 27.

Yeah man this Jabiru (80hp) done even more than Waynes in SNW also no problems at all.