Remember there is a lip on pad entry. Ground has now Dried out ALL GOOD.

Follow instructions on Terminal.

When getting Fuel multiply your quantity by $2.40 for amount required or you will end up doing the card thing again. Example 60 Litres = $145.00

Please sign book in box.

Also if wanting a receipt do this pretty much after hose returned to holder.



Remember no Landing Fee's and uncontrolled Airspace.

Thanks for choosing SD (Stratford) as your Fueling stop

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Borrowed from the Civil Air Blog a Texas based Sonerai


Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Tuesday the 6th December was very warm with a Frisky Breeze.

Now those fella's fly pretty high but one would think they pushing there luck there.

Shot of the day.

LTH bring the Chaps home turning finals 27

Don was out for a quick blat about the place.

The new UL260 Sticker adorns the LHSide of SNJ

Moody mountain the snow & Ice is receding...

Mean while Mark putting LTH to Bed 

Don has gone for Min Engined Start

On the Taxi for 27

Mark & Keith deciding on the next move I suspect.

SNJ half way to 27

Bloody Plovers....

Run Up time

Gone Burger

Cessna 402 blasting past

Done back in on 34

Windsock like that all day.

Tadpole (DA40) passing by

Al and the Polaris were out for an evening flight.

Here blasting outa 27


Monday, December 5, 2016

December 5th was overcast but very warm.

EJR was in doing Circuits. I suspect this is the North Taranaki Aero Clubs machine based at Norfolk Road

The Powerco chaps were out checking the lines today. The Chopper was from Wanganui.

Alan was up roaring round after his re permit which Wayne had done this AM.

Alan popped over to The Super Secret Richmond Racing Facility to check out how the WHITE KNIGHT is coming along.....and he forgot to take his his Super hard to get Stratford Sports Flyers Stckers....to apply to his Machine....

Finals 27

Back at the Hangar

Locally based Trojan roaring and rattling round the place.

Then Cliff was busy hard at it as well.

Then bugger just like at Ardmore the Trojan had a Gear issue.

After circling for a bit with multiple gear retractions it finally all stayed down 

Bit more flying about to make sure all was good.

A safe landing was made no issue's Whew disaster averted.

So Cliff picked the Trojan up and carried it back to the car.

Ross no doubt thank full a belly landing was averted.

Cliff then wandered out with his Cherokee Fly's real nice as Cherokees do.

Some shots taken out the back do tonight...