Follow instructions on Terminal.

When getting Fuel multiply your quantity by $2.40 for amount required or you will end up doing the card thing again. Example 60 Litres = $145.00

Please sign book in box.

Also if wanting a receipt do this pretty much after hose returned to holder.

When Fueling be careful of Splash back. It's brand new and pumps pretty quick.


I have seen people not winding the hose up when finished. If you do this consistantly I will be speaking to you as I can see you 24/7 (recorded) you will be paying for any damage incured. This facility is owned by the Stratford Aero Club Sport Flyers and not by any Fuel Company.

Treat it with respect it deserves or lose it.


Remember no Landing Fee's and uncontrolled Airspace.

Thanks for choosing SD (Stratford) as your Fueling stop

Monday, February 19, 2018

CLUB MEETING FEB 21st 2000 Hours.

Be Like Brian be a Happy Pilot

Friday, February 16, 2018

Friday 16th was over cast txhenm turned out bueat Blue sky day.

Our English Visitors tryinmg out the Mustang

First Arrivals from Southland etc

Then the other half trying the Mustang on.

Ah some Avgas to go thanks.

Then the full Mustang shot.

More Arriving

Standing round doing Stuff.

Uncle & Brian about to penitrate NP Airspace.

Gary & RVH out for a Blat.

Charf Cutter Zooming past

CHB from  Central Hawks Bay Landing & on Finals 34

Cub Ditto 34

The Drifter arriving in the Overhead Landed Rwy-34

The Flight Line filling up.

Drifter turning final 34

Mountain slowly making her way out.

Gyro's Arriving.

kite wing about to gt Airbourne of 34

Just waiting on 2 more

Nice casual Dinner of F & C with Pizza and a few Ales to wash it down with.

Sat should be interesting.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

For you inforfmation from Neil Cooper Stratford District Council.

This is just a “heads up” to advise that, in approximately 2 – 3 weeks, work is due to commence on levelling a portion of the operational area at Stratford Aerodrome between the runways and the hangars. This is an area of approximately 800 square metres at the western end.

The area will be “roped” off and will be out of action for as long as it takes for the re-grassing to take sufficiently to allow resumption of traffic. I’m sure common sense will prevail and the need to allow it time to rehabilitate will prevail and apologise for any inconvenience in having to detour slightly in taxiing between runway and hangar.

Neil Cooper| Parks and Property Assets Manager

Wed 14th was not to bad WX wise I mean look at that Blue Sky.

Mark & LTK heading for 27  arriving from the Northish.


Mark's young Man on Guard Duty or he pissed Mum off & was packed off with Mark for the Day ?.

He was quite happy with a Tummy Scratch as I wandered past.

Heading for the Hangar.

About to enter the Hangar

Now the Transformation of Don's Sonerai has begun as she a bit hard to see sometimes being Grey like.

Now that looks like one really pissed of Russian.

Another great Job by Kylie from  Gravity Design in New Plymouth


Quite interesting to see how it's done how it's planned. SNJ has some serious Compound Curves to be dealt with not as easy as it looks.

Looks bloody Awesome and she is not finished yet this just the Beginning

Camouflage of the Dork up front. That's some serious Teeth there.

The Curves one has to work with.

The EM Team were had at it today so much so had to turn the lights off .....

What an Awesome evening