Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A short video of our climb up to the Summit


Sue & June checking out the action 

The Modellers were out again today. Ross here getting ready to aviate

Brian & Wayne heading in 

The CFI & new Instructor Brian taxing back in.

The Newly Blooded Instructor. The team looking on in AWE

EME and it's crew back in from some work round the back of the Mountain

He's squinting and got a sunburnt face must be Summer

Lads heading back to Masterton.

I suspect we will see them again.

Sue and I headed up over the Mountain and yes one needed a cap. Super Smooth.

The Taranaki Rescue Chopper was in for Gas as had attended a rather nasty accident down Hawera way

Couple Magpies escorting the Chopper in.

This machine is very fast has a really slick paint job.