Friday, October 31, 2014

Hughes 369D ZK-IQQ was in for Gas I assume heading for Wanaka as outa there according to Rego site. Heading South on leaving ....

EEJ was out for Gas must be going away.

Friday WX wise was not that flash. 

Looking back toward the Mountain. She was not in the Mood to show herself  today.

whilst at the Aerodrome doing some stuff the first visitors were a couple Special Needs Kids and there carers.

Showed them round the place and the Lads quite enjoyed themselves. We managed to get them seated in the Bantam and the Club Trainer SSF. Some big smiles there looked like they were enjoying themselves.

Here at Stratford Aero Club Sport Flyers we enjoy sharing Aviation at any opopitunity with anyone.

Looks the part...

Lad's ready to go...

Looks pretty darn happy with himself

Lad's contemplating there next move.

One happy Pilot then.

Lad's checking out the Club Trainer

Looks like they wanna start her and get going then....

Check out that concentration plenty to look at unlike the Bantam

They got the Pilot COOL look down pat then.

Great to be able to show them around a few new memories to be going on with then.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Another Nanchang pic with Huey behind a Phone photo hence size.

The Mountain today gave the Signals Squadron a run for there money today.

The storm that trucked on through last night has super Ionised the Mountain.

As Taranaki/Egmont is so close to the Sea the weather patterns are quite Dynamic and the stronger the wind the more the Mountain is charged up. This can extend out well over 5kms in all directions.

The Signals guys could get a lock on but not a solid lock.


Thats one to the Mountain :0)

She might be quite attractive but be assured she runs things and is a killer here in Taranaki.

RESPECT is Required to operate around her.

Well another busy day at the Aerodrome. 

The advance party of the New Zealand Defence Force being the Army and
Airforce arrived Thursday around lunch time at Stratford Aerodrome.
this is to facilitate the set up of the Camps at the Aerodrome and
also co-ordination of the Air movements as the C-130 Hercules will be
doing air drops at the Aerodrome. Also the NH-90 troop flights.

The Lads Pete and Trev were out checking the Nanchang over for there escape North. They were successful and disappeared North just as a Squall went through.

Couple warhorse's.

The Lads getting ready to start.

There she goe's a good Puff of smoke

Warming up outa wind

The Squall made it's self known

 Turn to the North once positive climb established as Squall roaring on through