Sunday, July 27, 2014

Myself and Sue headed out for a bit of Aviating.

Here she is waiting for Mike to return from warming SSF up

Enjoying being in the air

Nice shot of the Aerodrome & yours trully.

Team RVH Gary & Lyn were out for a Blat as well.

Joe H was also in 

Couple Likely lads Alan & Mike dealing to the Titan

JLZ having a sleep in.

Just for Tony in far away Thailand here's the Vampire.

To the Team at OSHKOSH being Wayne, Pauline, Gary, Cheryl and Mark have a hoot now 

If ya wanna check out the goings on at OSHKOSH look here streaming Video and the Tower.

Brian & Nat had SWJ up Mokau way for the night.

She's trucking along and now has 34 plus hours under her belt and from and initial tight engine at barely 80knots is now trucking out around 105 knots now she has loosened up a bit.

The Egmont Modellors were out in force today.

Mike O was first up

Followed by John S

Gary B was out with his BIG DAS STICK flew brilliantly.

Late arrivals were Brian (The Prez & Cliff)

Mike was out in SSF first up

Bit of Traffic congestion EEJ waiting for SSF to clear

John and JPX were out

As you can see the RC aircraft and Aerodrome Aircraft operate in complete harmony.

EEJ also had to wait for JPX

The Squadron was busy this AM

Sunday the 27th July was quite pleasant although a bit nippy in the wind

First up was Brett E in ZK-YAK.  A nice wring out was then observed. Thank you sir very entertaining.

Away heading Northish

Sunday, July 20, 2014

This he Hare I startled whilst positioning for photo's fair flew down the Rwy.

he chose to use RWY-27

Well thats all for Sat 19th July

Gary had another flight late Arfo 

Going straight up and Over

Then back