Sunday, July 20, 2014

This he Hare I startled whilst positioning for photo's fair flew down the Rwy.

he chose to use RWY-27

Well thats all for Sat 19th July

Gary had another flight late Arfo 

Going straight up and Over

Then back

Alan & RSR were out again hitting the Circuit 

She really climbs this Puppy.

RSR over the top of the Sun

Alans Iceman look

Titan RSR heading back to the Hangar

Mike O was first off the rank today with his Extra.

Going without cowl at the Mo as it won't run to well with cowl on the sorting out is being done.

Gary B's really Big Stick with a petrol Motor attached now.

The two Gary's talking engines. We are a Gary down at the Mo (yes we have three) as he's on Holiday.

Mike O preparing for a cup of Tea

These are Big Planes those are big Poles

Locally based Harvard was also out and about.

Also checking out Ruapheau

Harvard and RVH behind.

I was gonna go for a blat over the Mountain so asked Mike if he wanted to Tag a Long and be the Photo Dude.

On our way up just coming upto 5700feet

Aproaching 6700 feet

Stunningly Clear just beautiful and smooth

Mike looks happy with his lot.

Looking to the North Taranaki Bite

Managed to get Gary & RVH over the Summit Finally Photo taken by Mike

The Cropped Versions Below

Got him in the Prop Arc

Coming up to 9000feet around 12 minutes not bad on 100hp

Heading down hill round the Mountain past the Ski Field

Check out those Ravines

Looking back to SD

Back down and ......

BBQ time after successful Mission Gary on the Tongs Mike ......?????? oh making cup of tea. Nice to the Snags , Steak and Egg's on some bread excellent. Anytimes a good time to have a BBQ. Also makes excellent heater.

RVH checking out Ruapheau

As was SSF

Touch and go. That Mountain again

Was on telephoto although was ready to run.!!!!!!


There is a Mountain there 

Mike doing his Clearing turn or some would call it a Doughnut

Oh there she is......