Wednesday, March 11, 2015

During Saturday nights Dinner we had a Draw for a Fly in the Mustang so come Sunday Morning 

We strapped him in they were offish

One has to have suitable ground Crew like most Mustangs do. Shaun doing the Honours this time

Looks happy with his lot

Back he has that Mustang smile. Excellent.

Next up was Wendy M Club Captain of the CHB Aero Club

I suspect she enjoyed it there is that smile.

Wendy preparing Ross M CFI at CHBAC for the Mustang ride

Outa here.

Landing RWY 20

Ross looking suitably stoked

A bit more fussing never goes a miss

Let it not be said we aren't fussy

RAANZ President talking with CAA Recreation Manager Rex Kenny.

Brilliant to see both at Waipuk.

Even managed to squeeze in a Chat with Rex myself

A brilliant time was had by all from the Stratford Aero Club and am sure all attendees had a hoot.

Thanks CHBAC awesome we will be back at some point I suspect.

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