Thursday, March 26, 2015

Kenny G was out for a check ride today.

Sure a tad damp. But at Stratford we train in all weathers all year round other wise one would never fly.

If you Train here by the time you have completed your training you will be used to all weather types and events. This is a benefit when one is touring round the Country as you will be used to WX and it won't be such a drama.

Getting ready to go just waiting for a shower to pass.

Kenny standing on the wrong side of dry.

Rain passed they are off.

RWY of choice RWY-34

That's a pretty dark cloud but note the Sun.

Approaching RWY-34 (Wellington Approach)

Looks all pilot like again

Wayne looks happy as well

Outstanding. Welcome back Kenny.

What one calls a Cluster of Pilots checking ETC out

Gary & ONE were in

Then out

Heading for home 

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