Sunday, March 1, 2015

Mid afternoon saw the arrival of the Sky Arrow Squadron consisting of ZK-EBR & ZK-SKO outa Feilding on there way back back from Raglan

Roger was out for a bit here snuggling up to the Mustang

WZ back from another flight.

Sky Arrows on arrival and on finals

Sky Arrow Ladies having a chat with Isobel

Nice line up of Microlite's and good variety

Sven who is Acting Stratford District Council CEO. His usual job is Op's Man the Aerodrome comes under his watch. He was out with his Kids of which you see here yes they just had Ice Creams

The man himself is a regular visitor to the Aerodrome

Here doing some kid wrangling...

Club Sec/Tres Peter W checking out TVG

It was so bloody hot outside the team sort shelter under the big tree. Must have been at least 30C

Sky Arrows heading for home

Sven seeing them of the Aerodrome

Awesome sun shots

Another sortie completed and below heading for the Hangar

Very busy day Excellent.

That's it for Sunday 1st March

A bit more video to follow.

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