Monday, March 9, 2015

Monday 9th (Taranaki Anniversary day)

Was post been away give the planes a wash day.

Shaun and Gary were whacking into it. 

Me I was giving SSF a Wash & Blow wave after her weekend away.

Gary & Ralph discussing aviation as ya do

Ralph having arrived in Hawera's Tecnam

RWS had just had an engine run & ONE had flown in an hour ago

Ralph also joined the polishing team for a while. All polishing assistance is appreciated thanks Ralph.

If polishing do chat to Shaun , Gary , Myself or Wayne.

Now that we have a base coat of polish on TVG it's only a maintenance polish reqd. She did get rained on at Waipuk so it was a matter of going over her this time with Silvero. She will not be a Hangar Queen we intend to use her with intent.
Strangely we are coming up to 3/4's of her previously accrued hours so she is getting the hours up.

A few things popped up whilst she was away but nothing to write home about and one of the reasons to go away was to see if any issues did pop up.

Gary and RVH were out and about.

Peter & Glennis drove up from Hawera to check out the Mustang & were suitably impressed.

Jabiru J230 UL ZK-STA was in from New Plymouth 

Possibly soon to be based at Stratford as the re developments at New Plymouth start to happen.

We do run a Refugee program at SD so not a problem.

A nice machine it is and as a Microlite has the two rear seats removed so heaps of room for Mum's shopping......

Power is the 6 banger Jabiru runs around 18 litres an hour
can't complain at that.

That's it for now

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