Saturday, March 21, 2015

She was a TAD busy this AM.

Gary & ONE were in

Wayne & Hayden doing the Circuit thing.

Oh whats this then

WFT heading North although a TECH stop at New Plymouth will be required.

Busy place with TGC doing there thing and SSF on the Taxi & ONE just taking it easy.

SSF away.

Getting ready for the first Glider Tow for TGC

Nice approach

Hold off just so.

Nice roll out 

Looking pretty pleased with it all after his first SOLO flight well done that Lad.

Congratulations Hayden.

De-brief by Chief instructing Oracle Wayne ( I suspect he's pleased planes back on the ground one one piece as ya do when ones the CFI) nice job all round.

Gary and Ralph looking on after giving Hayden the big congrats.

Bar should do well next time it's open then.....

First Glider Tow for TGC although it's only a tyke unlike the Twin Astir which is the heavyist in the Glider fleet.

She climbs really well with a Single Seater on behind.

Brian & Andrew about to commit Aviation

Andrew all set to go Brian not having much luck with his harness. Hey if ya an instructor ya don't have to know how to do ya Harness up do ya.

One & Gary heading home

Well they looking at the same thing ........ good start :0)

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