Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Straford fleet headed out for a fly to Bridge Pa for a look see.

Here taxing out with the CHB's Rans-S6 just chilling to the side

She was a Tad windy but hey it was at the time on SAT the wind hadn't really got up yet under 40 knots anyhoo

Mustang away first

On approach to bridge Pa RWY-01

SSF Taxing in Me & Brian

The welcoming Party

Mustang taxing for the Pumps

Those Fella's from Straford chilling on the Aero Club deck (might have to get one of those) getting ready for some refreshments 

The Fleet on that Barren & Burnt ground it was dry man.

Nice shot of the Mustang just chilling

We made it back to Waipuk where one of the Stratford Dudes over herd an old Fella  say those Wild Bunch from Stratford are back and in that wind. YEAH MAN.

Hell we are from Stratford Taranaki and if ya not prepared to fly in wind one wouldn't fly most of the time. WE DO.

This here Legacy Cessna was flying fine last week apparently and then along came .........the tail and one wing tip not looking to flash.

Brian & Mike sampling some Ales whilst the rain had began to fall late SAT 

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