Friday, March 27, 2015

Today we had some of the Team from Elizabeth R out for a look over the Mustang.

Apparently the Bus was over subscribed so a second wave will appear at some point.

The Team getting the Mustang shots.

Now with cheif Team Wrangler Desiree

Giving TVG a thorough going over.

Desiree trying the Mustang on for size.

Noel Petrie holding the ole mans licence which resides on the club house wall.

Making sure everyone got a chance to check it out.

Everyone just chilling outa the Sun. It was dam hot.

Joe was in so gave them a few tunes on the piano bit of Rag time etc.

The Team heading home I suspect for a dam fine cup of tea etc....

We now wait for the second wave.

Great to be able to spend a bit of time showing them round with the Mustang being a hit.

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