Friday, March 20, 2015

Was in getting go Juice at NP (New Plymouth) today and got a few pic's off whats about.

Thanks to frank for sorting out access for us.

Really nice looking Navajo Panther (Read go Fast version)

Also some YAK a doodles and some of the HNZ fleet behind A139's I think

The Big Cat can't be far from her big day all done and dusted. If ya get the chance go for a fly just Awesome

New Heli Operator in the ole Ambulance shed now.

Couple Panther Shots

Now we are going to have a couple of Panthers (non Navajo) at the Stratford Zoological Aerodrome in the Future keep an eye out for them

Now a machine one does not see that often these days a Mitsi MU-2 Ambo version

TGC was out getting rid of her test Hours

SSF pounding the Circuit again today

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