Sunday, March 15, 2015

Wayne & TGC going round and round doing the Testing thing.

Note the doting parents of there new baby following closely behind

Test Pilot Wayne 

The doting Parents about to swarm over there baby

Some of the varied aircraft at Stratford 

Mustang (Fast) Sonarei (Fast) RV-4 (Fast) Bantam (not so fast) 601UL (Slightly Faster) Eurofox (even slightly faster) 601XL (Medium Fast)

Some more Mustang visitors

Then there were some more 

Another lil Tacker getting a chance to try it on in this case SNW

The two behind Mum and the Lion also had a go

Nev was down to walk the Dog and checked the Mustang out.

My god a committee has formed about something

Tim &Wayne. 

Tim getting rating on TGC 

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