Sunday, March 8, 2015

Well the RAANZ Fly-in at Waipuk has come and gone and a great weekend it was . 

The Team that attended were SSF, JPX, SNW, TVG & ONE and also SND from Feilding. The Crew was Wayne, Shaun, John, Myself , Mike & Brian and also Mark from Feilding.

We set off late Friday afternoon with a rip snorting tailwind and were there in no time Flat. The Mustang making it in an hour.

Awesome weekend a real Hoot and a must door that again thing Thanks to the CHB Aero Club for a great time. Awesome Hospitallity.

On the way home we stopped into Danniverke for a bit of wind respite and must also thank the Danniverke Flying School for there Hospitallity whilst we were waiting for the wind to subside it didn't really so we made a run for it and after going through Gorge it was an easy flight home. Thanks Gary help much appreciated.

Photo's will follow later in the week.

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