Friday, April 24, 2015

Again another Awesome day in the Naki.

The central Plateau Mountains out again (I know 2 days in a row) man it was clear.

Andrew & Brian with SSF going round and round

Here on approach RWY-27

Some of the Fleet getting some later afternoon sun. Yes it was a Bantam type of day real smooth to good to not go for a tootle about the place

Captain of JLZ heading to Taupo

Notice Student looking for Instructor 

because of HI VIZ he found him.

JLZ away

The guys admiring the Polish and awesome looking wing after giving her a going over. Advised them they might fly faster....

SSF normal climb attitude

SSF Finals RWY-09

There was a bit of traffic late this Arfo

Must have been a hoot they look pretty darn happy bout it all

STA also appeared overhead back from down South

AEROWORKS 185E ZK-LJG the company UTE was in shooting the breeze for a bit.

Outa here heading home to Wanganui

Ross and his amazing Chipmunk were out again today

tell ya what really looks the part & flyers quite scale as well

Looks so bloody realistic

Man & his Machine

A look inside very nice fit out.

That's all team

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