Saturday, April 25, 2015

ANZAC DAY 25th April 2015

Dawned like this absolutely stunning.


Always put up an


The Flight consisted of MUSTANG ZK-TVG (Lead Pilot Gary M) SONERAI ZK-SNW (Port Side Pilot Shaun R) RV-4 ZK-RVH (Starboard Side Gary H) BANTAM B-22 ZK-FYH (Lead before Formation over SD Pilot Nick F & Pax Mike F)

Mike coming over to give us a hand to do something.

Gary M heading out to warm up the Mustang

Gary M heading back in from his warm up and was able to Fly over Eltham Parade as there's was slightly earlier.

Couple Shot's of the ANZAC Flight before heading out.

Previous Shaun ha also been up to warm up 

Bantam waiting 

Then in dispersals on concrete to do pre flight etc.

Gary H & RVH going out to warm up as well.

ANZAC Formation taxing for Rwy -09

Gary away first

Gary & Shaun away as well.

Formation Forming up.

Formed up heading North

The route was Inglewood , Stratford, Eltham , Kaponga , Hawera then another pass over Stratford.

Mike in the Zero Zero suit as it was a tad chilly

We had peeled off after doing our run to represent the Simple machines they had back then

After Landing back at the conclusion of the ANZAC flight we had some vistors.

Here Greg came out for a look at the MUSTANG

His Wrangler Daryl getting some pic's as well.

Looks pretty darn happy bout it.

Last was KIWI 48 P-3 Orion which trucked on past around late Morning.

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