Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Model Dudes were out in force (that's more than 3 of us) as the Afternoon was pleasant with only a gentle breeze blowing.

First up was Gary B with his his 4 Star 120

The other 4 Star at rest.

On late finals

Down and taxi back

Ross G getting I think Extra ready

He had lost the Spat on a previous flight somewhere over that fence but unable to be located as yet.

Next up Ross had this lil Electric Turbulent 

Flew okay after lot of trimming and quite fast unlike a Turbulent

landed okay although fast

That nose cowl holds a fair amount of lead so heavier than it needs to be. According to Ross and the rear end is all solid Balsa instead of built up to keep it light. But then he bought it off another builder.

Quite a pretty looking model

Another shot of the 4 Stars

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