Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Today also was a visit by young fella Xavier & Dad Dwyane.

As said before happy to help the Community.

Unable to secure work experience (Health & Safety has shut that down a lot) they changed tack and thought they would investigate Aviation round the district. 

Before visiting us they had been down and checked out BECK HELICOPTERS. excellent.

Here checking out the Cresco of AEROWORK with Mark in on a break before heading out again.
Mark took the time to show Xavier round the Cresco as you can see got to try it on for size also checking out the business end of the Hopper.

Thanks to Mark for taking the time during his busy day. The guys really appreciated it.

Xavier checking out the Bantam

Then the RANS S-10

Then also checking out the Hawk

As did Dad Dwyane

Then a look over the Zenair 701

The Vampire

Dad having a look as well.

Both having a sit in the current Club Trainer Zenair 601XL SSF

Then of course there was the Mustang

Xavier up front in the Mustang

Then the Swap around

Gotta have the Mustang pic.

Then they tried the Sonerai on for size

The Modelling team were out on this really spectacular day.

Gave there time to explain a lil about what they do.

Thanks chaps.

Mikes Fly Baby very nice and big.

Just to prove Xavier was here in front of the Alan Beck made Club sign.

The guys were surprised by the variety of aircraft and to get up close and personal which is how we roll at here.

Excellent. Both have joined the Club which means Xavier will be our youngest member.

They have already booked for some flight instruction.


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