Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Was down the Aerodrome today.

Brian doing some stuff of the fixing variety on RANS S-10 ZK-SWJ

Now there's ya problem mate the Radiator is hanging loose.... that will cause a bit of drag and make a racket.

Apparently the Exhaust needed a tickle and a look (one has to get radiator outa the way to get exhaust off) at all done now.

All done now for engine run make sure it's all Tickerty Boo

Must be good Brians smiling but then that could mean anything Pffft

Andrew watching from a safe distance. SAFETY is not an option at SD be SAFE or GO HOME.

Then watching Rob whiz past in the Sting.

Joe supervising Andrew in the watching the Sting department.

Rob was out and about in Sting SAL flying up a Swarm. She was a bit Murky with the odd rain shower but here at SD we just carry on other wise one does not fly.

If you train here you will be trained in all Weather (WX) types as that's what we get here in the Alpine enviroment we have at Stratford so Hot, Cold,Wet, Murky,Low cloud and fog and the odd bit of lighting also every now and then a Funnel cloud.

Our Instructors have travelled all over NZ in all weather conditions so are well versed in actual WX experience to share with you.

You learn to fly here you can fly anywhere with Confidence

in any weather type you may encounter.

Also one of the first things you will experience before Solo is  Simulated engine failure on Take Off and also Forced Landing and then Stalling.

That way you are prepared for anything.

The Sting is the most Sophisticated Aircraft at Stratford at the Mo. The EFIS etc is a big thing just on it's own to operate.

Main thing FLY the PLANE.

The instructors are all up with all this and practice on there Smart phones all the time.

Sting going bush.

As you can see our Instructors wear HI-VIZ so the students don't walk into them and the Students know who the Instructor is .....

Also good in the dark when the Moons out.

SSF and Andrew being one with each other.

Into the Murk developing round the Circuit which was adjusted to suit current WX

Then it Rained

Then it really Rained ( Tip get a Kiev Prop they are awesome)

So I put the lights on 

No we don't have lights at Stratford it's just a viscous rumour.

Check out the Rooster tails.

Bloody lazy way to wash the plane if ya ask me.

Heading back to the Hangar and a wipe down.

Check out the Wetness

That's it Folks

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