Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wed 22nd started out with low cloud and fog and the Lads had to wait it out. After a few million Coffee's

I appeared around 0900 and they were just getting ready to blast off Mark & LTB first.

Wayne and rob got the Sting out for some more work.

Into the Murk not the best for photo's

SWJ now with all her bit's back on heading out for a proving circuit a low one by all accounts.

Bit like a radial all smoke on start up.

Nice bit of cross wind to keep one honest.

Then back again.

Looking like a stunned Mullet but just keeping an eye on Super Airs Turbine Fletcher backing up to the hose......

He had been out spreading that black organic fert bloody horrible stuff we could smell him before he landed ........

Here just backing into the wash spot.

That's it folks

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