Saturday, April 4, 2015

Young Ollie was out for another look at the Mustang. Here sporting the Brain Keeper.

Looks right at home

Trying out SNW for size

The Lads 

Was lucky enough to get a look at Robs new machine. Here getting the low down by Wayne

Rob more than happy to have Ollie check her out.

checking out the Russian SNJ

Then the Cresco

Back over to Sting

TGC heading out for some more running in

Busy Busy Busy

Look no wind

TGC & the first tow of the Twin Astir

SNJ out & TGC in

Still they come lil fella checking the MUS out

Mom & Dad then joined him

Jake & Portia getting ready to do the Mustang thing.

First up was Jake.

Mean while Rob had done a nice job of washing the Sting

Looks like the Mustang did it's thing 

Portia the Birthday Girl getting ready to blast 

off in the 


While all this was going on TGC was busy hauling the Twin Astir aloft

Another Young Gun getting ready to Aviate

Planes everywhere

The Breakway 

Looks pretty dam pleased thing

Portia with the Mustang smile

One see's some interesting things appear round the Aerodrome

Looks even better with the Mustang

Gary & RVH back from a Blat

Carls new set of wheels very nice.....

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