Monday, May 4, 2015

Even more from Sunday

Wayne had one of the Transport Crew from work in for a ride in SSF late afternoon

Tim H heading home.

SSF away

Mean while back in the Club House Jake & Shaun were playing Mike and me at Pool.

Why Shaun is looking at his foot and Mike is holding his nose is unknown

Mike even got his very bright yellow Pool vest out hoping it would make a difference

Jake on his way to winning he just doesn't no it yet

SSF back in

I venture to say he liked that trip round the sky

John and Alan spending time over an Ale fixing the world I suspect

EEJ arrived back in also Oh Whoa there fella

Here at SD we practice the art of Aviation well into the afternoon

and into the night yes that is the Moon coming up

Wayne winding down in the early evening 

She was a big moon.

Thats all for Sunday the 3rd

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