Friday, May 8, 2015

Friday the 8th was a reasonable day down the Aerodrome.

What a difference a day makes WX wise.

Mind you there's always a Rebel but by late afternoon had given up and gone home.

Legacy Cessna 185 ZK-EEJ was first out.

Bound NP

Beech C90 ZK-MGL roaring past on way to home base at Wanganui

The EM team were out also today being Ross, Mike & Gary B

Mikes Extra doing it's thing as it does

Gary had his Super Stunter old school Glow powered machine out

Nice machine Gary here wrangling the SS back to the pits

Mike & Ross tickling Ross's Extra

Ross giving thee Extra a pep talk before aviating

It's behind you Ross or checking for 1 to1  Traffic SAFETY FIRST here folks.

She's away

The distinctive sound of ONE & Gary appearing overhead

ONE getting the GOSS from Cresco LTH

Gary on his way back home

Outa here.

That's it for Friday folks.

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