Sunday, May 3, 2015

Friday Rob and the Sting were out with Rob & Wayne

Decided to do a Rwy-34 Approach for a change.

One thing ya notice about the Sting is you don't it's really quiet

In amoungst all the Stinging mark appeared from the North East heading Southwest for some more goodness spreading.

Bit grey not great for Photo's

Some serious instructing going on....

The Sting still going round and round

Busy Busy

What we have at SD some darn fine Happy pilots Rob looking suitably excellent

Heading in for a Coffee break I suspect

Team Warner checking out Rob's new machine.

Alan getting SSF ready 

Team Warner about to Blast off

While they were away Wayne and Brian went out for some Aero's in SNW

Notice we are trying out hi viz gear...

Come on Brian Toughen up ya haven't even left yet

Back already

Gary & EEF were in for a Bit

Alan & Ann look darn pleased about it all.

This means Ann moves into her Flight Commander position

Gary heading home in the Late afternoon

Then Mark and the Cresco appeared from behind the Tree's 

That was it for Friday

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