Monday, May 4, 2015

More Sunday Stuff

TVG out just chilling Chewing the Phat with JTA

JPX & John heading out passing a still sleeping SSF (Well it is Sunday after all)

Couple Glider Guiders heading to the Club house for lunch.

They must get on who either one is guiding the other....

JTA & Jim F also heading out for a look about.

Nice shot of TVG. Note the sexy exhaust staining

Back again

The day Commitee checking out the Gyro that's just arrived

A standard overhead rejoin would be appreciated Mr Gyro as we have Students here 

Pam & Ross from down Hawera way popped in for a look at the Mustang as ya would 

Remember team welcome anytime

Alan was at it again and I can now report he has replaced all his Rubbers....

Gary & RVH also went for another look about as well seen here post look about

Shaun & Jake were also out Shaun seen here preparing SNW for Wayne.

SSF woken up and getting some sun.

Wayne getting ready to Aviate

Rob with the able Supervising team of Alan & Mike pulling his plane into the wash bay for a wash and Blow wave.

John on finals RWY-09

SNW away

then back 

Mike heading for a preflight Wayne for a Coffee maybe

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