Friday, May 22, 2015

Rob doing the Run Up thing in front of the big pointy thing.

The other one looking a bit clearer

Those are the ranges to the right of the big pointy thing.

Slight side slip

Very nice

Away again

The run up area getting busy

Rob just about away

RSR and Alan heading off again as had some waiting to do so might as well go flying.

Back in from going round & round 

Rob on finals 

Nudging the end of the Mountain

Like this shot.

SSF in the late afternoon Sun

Brian showing New Gary how well SSF just chugs on down the Runway

Rob back already

SSF in the Twilight

Late afternoon great Winter flying weather gotta get in whilst going is good

Then RSR appeared back from somewhere's

Rob heading in for a Full Stop landing

Closely followed by Alan

RSR heading back to the HANGAR looking back along RWY-27

Rob looking pretty stoked with his Flight for the day

Gary & ONE dropped in for a bit

Post flight de-brief possibly

Having a late afternoon ALE around 10.C if ya lucky.

Gary of course not as he had to fly home.

That's all folks

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