Saturday, May 30, 2015

Sat 30th May dawned Cold and slightly damp at times 


First in was Peter Frew from Ohakune in a very nice

Cessna 172M ZK-FGV

Can't come all that way and not get the Mustang shot

Then he was off a bit later after a thorough look around just as another shower passed on through.

Dave L was in as it's Brian's Hitching weekend and of course can't go pass without checking out the Mustang now can one.

Brent T was out today for a Birthday Surprise which consisted of a Half hour in SSF with Mustang Formating and also trial flight with CFI Wayne

Shaun off to warm up and formate

Both away on a RWY-34 departure....That's the short RWY

EEJ (or in a former life N2229T) heading out  somewhere's

Back in 

Family Photo with TVG

Kylie in the Red is the one who orginised this AWESOME Birthday Gift. What a Gal eh

I think Brent Likes it.

Lil one don't know where to look planes everywhere's

I suspect he will like this more

Wayne & SNW heading out to do some formating on the Mustang

Now that's nice and tight shame cloud was grey as at extended range Camera was having trouble focusing

SNW on approach

Mustang Stooging

Down just as Rain starts again

Ditto Mustang

We like to start them young here at Stratford

Still they come. Barry H and Team were in and of course checking out the Mustang as ya do

New Alan and STA heading out for few circuits after a polish.

here making use of the newly installed and very flat new turn around.

A RWY-34 departure again

RWY-34 Approach 

Ya get a bit of a curl of the Hangars and the Tank trap at the threshold of RWY-34

Gary & RVH Ditto on Finals RWY-34

Alan & STA heading inb for a full stop landing

There ya are Alan checking ya out.

Well that's it for Sat probably not much Sunday as sposed to be belting down

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