Saturday, May 23, 2015

Sat was a fizzer a low overcast all day temp around 8 to 4 C

Now I decided to make an executive decision and move the Council Notice Board to a more user friendly Spot now that the Pumps have gone. Currently cable tied to the post hopefully they will come make a permanent fixture for it.

Here you see it in it's new spot next to the International Terminal Loo sign. I suspect it may get more traffic there than where it was.

It was sited next to these to pipes sticking up and may have been a hazard to aircraft exiting and entering Number 2 Hangar.

Yup the cloud was starting to decend

Gary & ONE  were in for a bit 

Time to go getting a tad murky

Brett was overhead with I think the Trojan but alas was still driving to Aerodrome when I spotted him. Also to Murky for a long shot.

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