Saturday, May 9, 2015

Saturday 9th May

Dropped out mid afternoon to see what was about

there appeared to be planes everywhere.

Rob and the Sting had a good crowd around.

Brian had SWJ out for a Blat

SWJ just chilling in the late afternoon sun

Alan checking over the engine room on RSR

New Gary had been out attending to the Hawk JAU

Nice new paint job looking slick.

The Mustang Formation getting ready to head out.

Mustang away

Notice how the lil ONE tucks in behind the Mothership

Sting just getting the rays

RSR and Alan about to go Aviating

One of our high flying Club Members on his day job driving an Aerial bus........

ONE once again snuggling up to Momma nice and tight.

The Formation downwind for RWY-27 and Mark (SND) heading for PN

SNW heading for the non traffic side

Mustang & closely followed by ONE

Nice sun shot of SNW

RSR in her normal take off attitude.

Heading into the Sun

Alan looking suitably Aviatoned 

Rob still going round in circles.

Brian & new Gary heading up for some instruction.

Back in and putting her to bed.

Gary and ONE just about to Bug out for home.

SAL & SWJ getting ready to head in doors

That's all folks

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