Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sunday 10th may dawned fine and Sunny. Interesting sposed to be pissing down.

Wandered over got SSF outa bed gave her a nice drink of AVGAS and she decided to Sun herself for a bit.

Mark and LTH arrived back in so as to get the Loader Truck

Then he was off again

Wayne taxied SNW over to the Club house

Then ZK-RVY Vans RV-9A from Matamata turned up with Wayne & John aboard

Team here discussing the RV attributes or not

Wayne and John talking Mustang

Shaun out warming up SNW for Wayne. He's good at that.

first going that way

Then that way

Then back

Then Gary & ONE showed up.

Mark back in again

Jim F out getting TGC ready for his rating with Wayne

Pic of the old and new

The RV9 about to take the Chap back to Matamata

FYH getting some late afternoon sun

SNW & ONE just chilling TGC heading out on a sortie

Mike & SSF out for a Tootle 

Busy Busy

The rating starteth

Good gaggle of planes 

Gary showing the Mustang off again and still they come

Can't have a Mustang without a Mustang

Alan getting ready to aviate

TGC Back from rating

Gary & RVH heading out. Tell ya what it's real quick when it passes one whilst one is flying the Bantam.

The Flight deck in the Sting

The Lads are getting the Formation stuff down pat,

If ya haven't done it go do it great fun 

Nice shot of SNW note Rudder deflection

Also TVG

TVG & Gary heading back to the Hangar

That's it for Sunday

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