Monday, May 18, 2015

Sunday 17th May 

Today we hosted ATC (Air Training Corps)

No.48 District of Stratford Squadron

For some Flight experience

Instructors were used so the Cadets could book the flight time if so desired.

19 cadets and Officers were put through in around 3.5 hours

The weather was overcast and drizzly but improved slowly through the day

Everyone was mustering in the Club house for a briefing of the day and of course a thorough safety briefing.

Karl was the ATC go to man for the day. Here just back in from a Flight with Brian to check the conditions and warm SSF up before the flights began in earnest.

0900 Then they were off with Ground crew Mike assisting and also in charge of the Competition for a flight in the Mustang.

They had 5 questions to ask.

What does a Aileron do.
What does a Elevator do
what does a Rudder do
What does a Flap do
What direction do we take off

Shaun taking himself and SNW out for a warm up lap.

Check out the Rooster tails a SNW takes Off. Yes it was still a tad damp.

Takes more than that to stop us operating

Heading back in for his first Cadet.

Brian preparing his first Cadet

Shaun with his.

Both just about to blast off.

Bit of paper work to do.

Shaun away first


The ground crew Wayne & Mike doing a slick job of keeping it all moving along smoothly

Brian explaining everything before heading off.

Dang look another Photo dude in back there. Also Wayne getting the next Cadet ready as Brian must be back in.

Of course one has to get the Paper work done.

Check out the sky behind lasted till about midday

There was Snow dropping on the Mountain

Cadet Ryan King preparing to aviate.

Then another away

Brian getting ready to go with Mike debriefing cadet behind.

Busy Busy

Good to see Ian T out here with Wayne R

And on it goes.

Funny what ever it was.

Brian just about to head out again SSF doing 2.5 hours in total in Cadet flying

They look happy with there lot.

Now we have the Mustang and now we have a real Squadron Leader for our Mustang.

Squadron Leader Julie Woods Commanding Officer No.48 District of Stratford Squadron.

I suspect she likes it. Considering she will be the only Squadron Leader in the Country with a Mustang on Hand

Mean while back at Flight Experience Brian still hard at it.

Some of the cadets and supporters taking 5.

Yes that is Snow bearing cloud in the Background up by the Mountain.

Getting down to the last cadets. Shaun & Mike assisting

Then it was all over Wayne & Brian looking on as Cadet complete's the paper work.

The Mustang waiting for the Competition winner

But not before a circuit for a warm up.

Shaun , Ian and Brian up to no good I dare say

The Group photo for the day with remaining Cadets Officers and Helpers as some had to shoot off earlier for work etc.

Then the side one

The winner was Cadet Ryan King for the Mustang Experience 

Support Crew and Cadets looking on as they head off.

A roll overhead

Approach and Over Shoot

Nice side shot

Mustang late finals. The new Picnic Tables first Customers ever.

I suspect he concurs it's a Mustang Smile

Ryan is learning to fly entries in the log book are C-152, GP Sonarei, T-51 Mustang Mmmm not bad

Here with SAC CFI Wayne 

Then Sharon was out for a Blat in the Mustang with Shaun

ATC de brief team hard at it.

I would venture to say Sharon enjoyed her Mustang experience.

Can ya tell it was a bit muddy under foot.

Well thats it for the ATC part of the day.

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