Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sunday the 3rd May

Legacy Cessna 185 ZK-EEJ was one of the first out this AM

Then the Gliding Clubs Eurofox appeared from round the back of the hangar

Now the Pawnee has left it now lives up front

Tim H was Tow pilot for the day although heard Glyn heading down to Norfolk Rd to do some tows.

TGC & the Twin Astir heading skyward

Team RVH being Gary & Lyn heading out for a a Blip to NP

Justin & young Liam  came out for a look today and spotted Rob and the Sting. Rob stuck then inside for a look about.

They even got the Royal treatment as Rob pulled his Plane out with them both in it.

Rob giving them the low down on all the Bling.

Cheers Rob they were stoked. Better to experience than look which we do here at SD if we can.

Rob's other half Gwen keeping a close eye on Rob & SAL

Rob out doing the Circuit thing again.

TEAM RVH returning from there travels

The Glider Dudes Camp end of RWY-39.

Our students get to experience operating around the Gliders and like all things sometime it works sometimes it don't all good training.

Good Gaggle of Sexy looking Aircraft.

We had some more down to do a Glider flight and then wandered over to Try out the Mustang

Looks rather Happy about it and Ditto for him (Oops forgot to get your names) both have down pat the the Arm out the side thing going on

They went away with some Membership forms so who knows

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