Monday, May 18, 2015

Sunday afternoon some of us headed for Hawera to catch up with Craig.

So SSF me & Brian, TVG Shaun & Mike, SAL Rob & Wayne & RVH Gary were off.

SAL heading for Holding point RWY-09

Some nice in flight shots of the Mustang

Overhead Hawera joining for RWY-14

Short finals RWY-14

The Stratford Airforce for the day

Now we had a road trip first up Big Thanks to Julie for the Lift. It was a bit tight but we all got in

That Britisher Mike takes up the least amount of room so got that seat

It was a bit tight for Gary and I be we were happy with our lot.

To prove we were there.

Another shot of the Airforce

Checking out Craigs very nice Taylor Mono

Taylor Mono's Flight Deck


Looking back towards the Airforce again with Hawera's Legacy C-152 UNB

One flick she was away

Mike checking her out

Checking out the flight attitude Wayne an Rob looking on

About to head back to SD

Gary away first

Then TVG

On the taxi RWY-14

We are away Capt Marr commanding. As the Flight Commander I get to operate the Heater Pffft.

On decent for RWY-09

Alan was out taking some Rellies up for a flight in the late afternoon very Smooth flying.

Alan & new Gary went out for a blat in RSR for a bit.

TVG getting some late afternoon sun

Alan back in 

RVH & Gary & Ian back from a fly around.

The flying commitee for the afternoon

Brian trying SNW out for size

Checking it out at flight attitude

Next Rellie away

The two Aussie rellies yes we checked there Pass Ports

Can never be to careful now

Rob looking very relaxed in SAL. he had a good day doing some Circuits also heading down to Hawera with the Airforce. All good training.

Gary had the Dover Hawk ZK-JAU out for a run. 

I suspect he's enjoying his lot. Apparently he has re done the cowl looking forward to seeing it.

Mark & LTH appeared just before Dusk from Spreading goodness round the Land.

That's all for Sunday folks 

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