Thursday, May 21, 2015

Wed 20th at the Aerodrome.

Kenny G was out for fly and was just back when I arrived.

Here topping of the tanks also pointing to where they live.

Now winters here keep the tanks full and Wash Mud of bottom of wings.

The EM crowd were out and here is Gary B's nice Telemaster  ARF

The pit's for today

Couple Extra's

Ross flying Mike observing

As it's getting a tad cooler you will not the Alpine gear is starting to make an appearance.

The Extra of Ross making it's way back to the pits

The Horseman approach in there warm gear.

Looking back to the pit's

 A Massey Tadpole arrives overhead

The Mountain poking it's head out looking for more Snow

Now chaps we know it's wet so lets try and not do this on the Aerodrome

Alan W's Rellie Noel out for a fly in SSF takes a Mo to get the Mustang shot

The Chap's getting ready to aviate

EEJ about to go somewhere's 

Rob doing the Gas thing good to see the SAC exercise program is going well.

That's all folks

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