Friday, May 22, 2015

Well Friday the 22nd was a stunner weather wise.

Alan and Titan RSR offered me a ride and away we went.

First pic is of my place with our old Water Tank now gone to it's new home.

The tank we think was made in the 50's we had tried one Hiab not enough grunt.

Second one was a 6 tonner amazingly the tank weighed in empty at !!! 51/2 tonns !!!

They made good heavy Concrete back then.

The council been busy with a few projects around the Aerodrome here new speed signs 

Mark was back in early (read before dark) well it is Friday

The EM crew were hard at it again today.

Even more in the pits today.

An aerial shot of the EM site also looking south to the area the EM goes operate.

That is the Glider Hangar.

New Gary & Rob getting ready to aviate

Yup she was a Stunner today. Check out that wind.

Nice shot of the Current Hangars and Club House etc.

This is Richmond Field you can see in the Middle of the Photo.

Shot of the Aerodrome from RSR as we just starting to turn for the Downwind RWY-09

Looking back on Strarboard side of RSR. ALso the acess road in middle of Pic

Check out the new picnic tables in the Public Carpark.

Looking back East toward Stratford

That's Eltham looking South East.

Gary & Brian heading in to Join for RWY-09

Rob getting ready to head out after Mounting Alan's Honda (Ya had to be there)

Busy , Busy

Mt Ruapheau looking great

Rob & SAL checking out Mt Ruapheau

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