Thursday, May 28, 2015

What a STUNNING day Thursday the 28th was.

Super Clear and oh so SILKY SMOOTH and Crystal Clear

Mt Ruapheau was also sticking out in all it's Glory as well.

So it was Scramble , Scramble, Scramble.... Sue and I got airborne quick smart

Yours truly having a hoot.

Giving the Team at Elizabeth R rest home a wake up call.

Then on the Climb to 9000 foot over the Summit

Fantams Peak on the way up you maybe able to see the hut and out house

The Central Plateau behind

The run in to thread the needle between the Summit and the Shark Tooth only done in no wind conditions like today Awesome.

 SSF was still climbing at 700 foot at 9000 feet not bad

North Taranaki Bight in the background

Just about there

Susie also having a Hoot

Team Cessna 172 (T) ZK-MLY also dropped in for a bit

Great to see you 

John and Wayne discussing stuff Mustang

Now you can't come & go without the Mustang photo 

Telemaster and Ruapheu

SSF seeing MLY off

MLY about to blast off back to NP

Nice mountain shot with MLY

outa here

SNW & SSF getting some rays

Another perspective

Wayne & SNW heading out to see if Gary & ONE were about.

Then back

Good slip in RWY-09

Mark LTB back for a bit.

Mark had been out and back again.

GYRO ZK-RTO was in for a bit doing touch and goe's

Local aviator checking RTO out

Suitably kitted out for the conditions

RTO on it's way home past the Mountain

Mark back in and Morphed into LTN from LTB 

HNZ tracked overhead probably to check out what was going on at the Aerodrome.

Looks like Airbus Twin Squirell

The EM crowd were hard at it on such a great day as this one.

Space walker above Telemaster below


Four Star Forty

Ross's locally based Chipmunk fly's great looks spectacular in the air

Chippie on short finals

SNW & ONE about to aviate

Rob checking with Wayne before heading out

Lads fired up and taxing for RWY-09

Now Gordon P pulled RVG out for some sun and some pic's with the Mountains

Thanks Gordon looking slick

The man himself

Wayne back and getting upside down

Then right side up.

Now that's a short landing

Heading back to the Hangar looking East 

Gordon still doing some more on RVG shouldn't be long now 

Team Warner about to head out for a fly mid afternoon

Rob about to fall in behind SSF heading for RWY-09

Last of the day just stunning.

Good also to see CAA Rep Don Waters out and about. Me I was going flying but Wayne had a good chat. Good to be able to chat with the regulator at Grass root level.

Ya know where we are Don welcome anytime.

Well that's it for a really stand out day.

Oh and we are approaching our 50.000th visit as well 
Whoo Hoo

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