Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Zapped on down to the Aerodrome today being WED 27th

Rob was first outa the Blocks.

Nice panoramic shot. Aeroworks loader heading out

The Mountain looking a bit Sultry.

Spat out the young Fella that was lost from yesterday who was located safe & well this AM.

Lucky boy as she may look pretty but will kill you if ya not careful.

She requires suitable RESPECT 

SAL and the Blokes on the taxi for RWY-09

Come on whats the funny contraption at the front then.

Blasting off

Rob back and about to head off again here checking SSF out who was joining overhead

Mr Beck & the Huey passing by East of the Aerodrome with the Goodness dispenser hanging below heading home to Eltham Base

SSF heading out in late afternoon sun.

Arriving back overhead

Sun setting out West

Back around again and some more Sun shots

SSF on early finals 

Nice mountain shot.

Down and back to Hangar

Some UFO's ......

Nah just Mark heading in at the end of the day

That's it for WED

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