Thursday, June 4, 2015

A bit of a treat for you all today Thursday 4th June

Was out visiting Wayne today at his Richmond Racing super secret building Facility not far from the Aerodrome.

In the build is this Sexy looking Sonerai 1
Power will be from a Jabiru 2200 litre (dam fine engine)

and I suspect will go like Snot......

Looks sexy good in silver primer even.

All the go fast bits to be added in due course. Canopy looks like a Spitfire

The Master Craftsmanship of Wayne is simply outstanding and Awesome and is reflected in all the Aircraft he has built and all still flying.

The Forming of the Ali for canopy itself is just stunning.

The fuel tank holds enough for 3 hours odd.

The seating position is over 5 foot from the spinner had a sit in her and visibility is excellent

This in no doubt one of the best Panel fit outs I have ever seen and believe me there ain't a lot of room.

The square in middle of Panel is ya Garmin  AREA 500

Man just can't get over how Epic that canopy looks :0)

Remember that Name below there is a SWARM coming...

It will look as spectacular as SNW Wayne's ride.

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