Friday, June 5, 2015

Friday the 5th June was Cloudy with Showers with the odd clear spots

Ruapheau looking fine.

Sonerai SND was up from Feilding for the day.

This only half of the Swarm of Sonerai's 

This half of the Eagle Squadron 

Mark getting ready to Blast off

Getting a lil warmth for in the engines 

Nice shot

The lads are of Formation take off

Looking real Slick

The Stratford Aerodrome Fighter wing on Patrol for Legacy & any other Riff Raff Aircraft 

Just about to Break

There it is

SND first in.

Reaching for the ground waiting waiting

As ya can tell by the Rooster tails of the landing gear it is still a tad damp.

Back to the Hangar

Then off again Wayne seeing Mark off the Premises and the Area. 

But not before a bit more Formation and Aero work

The very RARE Twin Sonerai

Grey skies not much chop for photo taking

Looking back to NP not that flash

CRESCO LTH looking Sparkly in the Sun

ZK-EOH Legacy Cessna 172N joined for RWY-09 although when advised no Fuel trucked out for NP which is fine although a call indicating they were vacating the Circuit would have been appreciated but nothing just left the Circuit never heard another call from them. Airmanship people Airmanship let people know what you are doing as there was another aircraft in the Circuit by then.

Wayne back for seeing Mark away back to Feilding after a bit more tu tuing round the district.

Song comes to mind Slip Sliding away

Local Aviator checking Wayne out on Roll out

Couple Ducks wandering round RWY-09 because they can

Chap from Downers putting Fence back up after it was left horizontal for no apparent reason.

That's all folks

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