Saturday, June 6, 2015

Saturday the 6th June was Foggy till about 1130am then slowly started to clear.

Alan ready to Blast off but then

The Boss turned up :0) and off they went.

Semi Sullen Skies

Outa here

Mean while back at the Aerodrome New Gary had been hard at it.

Gary seems pretty darn happy with the new Checkers on the Struts and they look really sweet.

Also with now new brakes all working and also new tires.

Alan was busy farting around with Titan RSR

Yes he did end up taking the rear seat out sigh.

This here Mooney zoomed past early afternoon

Legacy Cessna EEJ poking it's nose out

Oh there it is

John and JPX were out for a bit.

Gary & ONE were in 

Then John arrived back.

Some weird Cloud formations around today

Mountain poked it's way through late afternoon

The EM's were at it again also today

601 ZK-WRG appeared overhead her new home.

Wayne bringing her home.

Alan following close behind in SSF

Colin W dropped for a visit and of course checked out the Mustang whilst here with his other half.

Colin fly's round in a Tubro Thrush Commander in Indonesia

ONE getting some of the last of the days RAY's

The welcoming committee looking over WRG

WRG checking out that big pointy thing and thinking Jeez what the hell's that then.

Little does it know it will probably be a regular visitor up and over

Couple 601's just chilling.

Right time to head to the Hangar as getting a tad chilly.

The lads wandering over to assist WRG into her new spot.

Round the back to the Hangar for the first time

Man it fits Bonus.....

Allan & RSR went out for a bit with New Gary's daughter Jess in the late afternoon.

LTH looking nice in the late afternoon Sun.

Different view of RSR

Late Finals RWY- 09

Jess looks like she enjoyed the flight

Some people like to drive into there hangars

That's all folks 

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