Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sunday the 7th some of us headed to the Fielding Dawn Raid Fly-in

Us being SSF Me & Mike SNW Wayne & Shaun and Gary in TVG

Pic below says it all YEAH MAN.....

(Taken by Mike)

Looking South looked worse than it was. Turned out to be quite Smooth and ended up with rip snorting GS of 132 knots for a bit.

The Chaps checking out various aircraft specifically the RV-3  sorta looks like a Panther.

The Stratford Aircraft was a good turn out around 20 plus Aircraft.

Mustang as Popular as ever.

Man it was COLD and then some.....

Our lot also showing Wanganui's new machine. not to sure about the Green though.

Team Stratford deciding on where to go and what to look at next.

Flaming big Husky taxing out.

I like the 601 with sprung gear looks sweet as Tail Dragger be Awesome strip machine. The nose dragger is ....

Mark & Sonerai SND at home field taxing for the pumps.

All good on the way home although GS dropped to 60 knots at one point.

Flight Commander (controls heater) & Navigator  Mike looks happy enough.

Just coming in to Stratford

Aerodrome in the distance.

Heading back to the Hangar.

We won a bottle of Plonk for Furthest travelled.

Yours Truly assisting the plonk.

Flying over for the day Glug Glug.......

Gary & ONE heading for home after putting the Mustang away.

I know it's blurry bit at extended range what is it you may ask.

A SPITFIRE possibly out of Wanganui zoomed past. Nice surprise and very distinct Shape 

Gary & RVH had a roar round the paddock

That's all folks

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