Follow instructions on Terminal.

When getting Fuel multiply your quantity by $2.60 for amount required or you will end up doing the card thing again. Example 60 Litres = $156.00

Please sign book in box.

Also if wanting a receipt do this pretty much after hose returned to holder.

When Fueling be careful of Splash back. It's brand new and pumps pretty quick.


I have seen people not winding the hose up when finished. If you do this consistantly I will be speaking to you as I can see you 24/7 (recorded) you will be paying for any damage incured. This facility is owned by the Stratford Aero Club Sport Flyers and not by any Fuel Company.

Treat it with respect it deserves or lose it.


Remember no Landing Fee's and uncontrolled Airspace.

Thanks for choosing SD (Stratford) as your Fueling stop

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Was down the Aerodrome today doing stuff.

Mountain poking it's snout out early on 

First out was Mark & LTH heading out to the South

Next up was International Rescue (Taranaki Rescue Chopper) who went whizzing past the Northern boundary off the Aerodrome

Then whilst sitting there minding my own business having a Coffee there came the Charge of the light brigade in the form off Civil Defence & The Stratford District Council Assessment Team lead by Op's Manager Sven in his Jammies it would appear. No they are very special assessment Pants.

This was because of all the Weather over the last weekend. Mt Egmont/Taranaki had 500mm from Friday to Monday night.

Sven very politely (Mmmmmm) asked how the new picnic tables were coming along.

Whilst all that was going on the First Chopper arrived in the form of Beck Helicopters bell 206B ZK-HKO

Then along came Matt N in Precision Helicopters AS 350 B2 ZK-IMJ

The LOCAL LADS doing there bit for the people out east.

She's chocka man everything they could get in they did all done in the safest way possible. Both operators do every job they do as safely as Possible see it all the time.

Getting the last of the Supplies in the Boot

Another of Precision's Choppers 369D ZK-IRA (The Irish Chopper) whizzed on in to take out the last supplies and the Assesment team.

Matt (The Boss) getting ready to Blast off whilst checking out the lad in IRA

Was a bit like Apocalypse Now there for a while

Heading out with a full load.

In between all this Mark & LTH arrived back 

Getting Gas

LTH chewing the phat with IRA

Getting ready to park up.

Becks back in 

Matt had to ditch his lifting gear to get the supplies in the Boot.

Heading home to the Beck Base at Eltham.

IRA and the lads waiting for the Precision Jet-A truck to arrive.

The Orange Safety Jacket assessment team. Strangely enough they go with Sven's assessment Pants.

Becks back again

The Jet-A has arrived.

Becks off again NP bound

The assessment team off to do some more assessing 

Finally some Mountain Shots

Took temp outside the back door which faces West and the Windchill was -12.8c

A tad cool fire time me thinks.

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