Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Well today turned out fine in the AM and the PM sorta not.

WRG getting her extreme make over.

Full mech and Oil change plugs etc.

Then an overall check about.

Beautifully made machine it is so not a lot to do.

Getting a bit more naked. A good spat clean and re grease and try get them back like before :0)

Good to check out neat to see how it all works goe's together

Andrew & Wayne and also SSF getting ready to aviate

Now thats one happy CFI .....

The Girl's having morning tea and not really interested in SSF 

Outa here.

Nice landing 

Mark getting ready to Aviate although LTH didn't wanna so it didn't.

A de brief going on me thinks.

This here Hughes 369 (500) looks like an E zooming past.

That's all folks

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