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Also if wanting a receipt do this pretty much after hose returned to holder.

When Fueling be careful of Splash back. It's brand new and pumps pretty quick.


I have seen people not winding the hose up when finished. If you do this consistantly I will be speaking to you as I can see you 24/7 (recorded) you will be paying for any damage incured. This facility is owned by the Stratford Aero Club Sport Flyers and not by any Fuel Company.

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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Well Feb 20th was

Lets go have a look at the SAA Fly-in at Hastings (Bridge Pa) so the Stratford Rebel Airforce did.

Here is Alan Jill & RSR doing there run up & Dva's before heading into the sky from RWY-09.

Let's call us the Strike Wing

We & SSF outa here

In between the holes in the cloud interesting was multi layed stuff all round some down low some up high.

Lot of chatter as people winding there way around it all.

Mean while we were on the Ground at HS when the Stratford Fighter wing appeared overhead led by the Mustang looked pretty sweet.

One of the attendee's on short finals RWY-01

and another heading for the Grass

Gary & TVG on very finals for the seal

Next Wayne & Pauline in SNW sliding in

Mark & SND on Mid Finals interesting looking Gyro in front

Then short finals just behind the pole

John & SNJ last in from the SD team

Traffic Jam on the other side of Runway due to landing Aircraft

The Follow me man behind is SNW

Sue checking it all out with appropriate head where it was DAM HOT....

Gary & TVG weaving there way to there parking Slot

I think he likes it

John next

Mark & SND parked up and settling in for the day

Team SNW checking everything out contemplating there next move

CAW from Hawera was in with Les

As was Chris's RV. Ralph G was also over but by car and N9992T (EEJ) was there also

Looking back along Flight line

Ah ole DYB she is a Jodel D11 her best mate is Graham French outa Tauranga.

Graham very kindly took me for a fly in DYB back in the day after I rang him outa the blue whilst in Tauranga one day and proceeded to fly me round BOP for an hour showing me what she could do. This resulted in me eventually getting my own JODEL ZK-EDR.

So Graham it's all your fault I am afflicted with this Aviation thing probably more than I would have been. Thats alright I have broad shoulders and bear the burdon the only way I know how GO FLY.

Part of Team SD deciding on there next move.

From the top of  deck of Aero Club

Check out LMG the Tail Dragger (NEW version) of the 601 it's a 650

Some thing forgot to mention on DYB was her drag Flap or Spoiler. designed by Graham ( I do remeber hearing of him roaring up and done a road somewhere's testing it on bck of Ute) it means one can deploy the flap and come down at great rate of knots at cruise power (stop shock cooling ) from height Like of the mountain. Jodels don't like coming down from things especially in Summer

The Wilkinson Airforce were out in force

The Chap's had been checking out the Sonex's there were 3 in attendance 2 x T/draggers and Nose Dragger

Lunch time was well attended and was a good fed. Note the SD team at front as always

Suprise to see Sherlock Holmes at the Fly-in

DYB on thed Taxi heading for home

Couple Gyro's in the Gyro Park a Mangini & a Dominator if my memory serves me correctly

Now while I was getting SSF ready to head back to SD young Johnny wanded over for a chat about planes. As always at Stratford if we can we like to give the oppitunity of getting in the Aircraft. It's okay to look but better to try one on for size and as you can see here I think Johnny likes it.

Now he told me Grandad used to fly Mustangs so I said well have I deal for you why don't we wander over to the Mustang for a bit.

Here just able to touch the prop 

Here getting a birds eye view

He was stoked and hopefully show Grandad these pic's

He was also quite taken with the Sonarei's and chose Waynes as the one he liked best altho thought they were all sweet.

Great to take a little time to make someones day which may do who knows from being able to experience Aviation close up.

Ole Aero Commander heading out.

Local Mustang Excutive Jet heading out.

LAst time I was here he held for me whilst i headed back to SD nice chap

Lil Safari Chopper with some interesting Paint work

Mean while back at SD plzane everywhere & Gliders

STA went somewhere

The Twn Squirell was getting some loving

SSF post trip looking suitably relaxed

Also in was this Airtourer wearing the same clothes

BKN was in going round and round doing ratings. In form Norfolk road as the wind up there was a bit narly.

The team with Aitourer in back ground

He's outa here RWY-16

Rob was out for a bit of a fly with Grandson Dan & his mate Zac here trying SAL out for size.

Well ya don't see that every day wonder if they were making suitably airplane like noise's

Heading for 09

Ditto JTA Tim H in command

Here's a montage of CUB doing her thing

Mean while Rob & SAL were hard at it her ein amougst the weeds.

Looking suitably pleased about it all and well he should

CUB still doing it's thing

N9992T (EEJ) Back in

SNW back in after stop over at Feilding on way home

Gary & TVG next

Then John & SNJ

Gary & ONE heading home

A bloody good days flying and great day out.

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