Follow instructions on Terminal.

When getting Fuel multiply your quantity by $2.60 for amount required or you will end up doing the card thing again. Example 60 Litres = $156.00

Please sign book in box.

Also if wanting a receipt do this pretty much after hose returned to holder.

When Fueling be careful of Splash back. It's brand new and pumps pretty quick.


I have seen people not winding the hose up when finished. If you do this consistantly I will be speaking to you as I can see you 24/7 (recorded) you will be paying for any damage incured. This facility is owned by the Stratford Aero Club Sport Flyers and not by any Fuel Company.

Treat it with respect it deserves or lose it.


Remember no Landing Fee's and uncontrolled Airspace.

Thanks for choosing SD (Stratford) as your Fueling stop

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Another Stunning day in the Naki this 17th of August.

Sun rising over the Front 40 at my place.

Mountain getting the Pink treatment this AM.

Ruapheau looking brilliant again.

The Mowing team were out today first time in 8 weeks odd due weather and rain and RWY's being super soft.

Check out the water coming of the Mower.

Harry & Gary were out first of the EM team.

Mean while over at the Mountain a bit of scraggy cloud had appeared.

Taxing for 16

What a boomer day

Making sure that thing up front don't stop.

Looking good in the Sun.

John getting his Glider ready.

Now I tell ya getting these to the Aerodrome at the same time can be a Mission. But not today.

Tim arriving for the Gliding thing in the lil Russki JTA.

TGC & JTA catching up on whats been going down.

Tecnam overhead.

TGC on her way out for some Towing Duties

Mower and Glider mixing it.

Tecnam CDL on short finals 27

TGC standing Easy foir Tecnam before taxing back down 27

Our second outa town fuel tourists.

From Parakai.

Thats how ya need to park at the Mo to get Fuel do not go onto the brown stuff.

Outa here heading the Central Plateau then the coast via Taumaranui then Te Kuiti to the Coast and up.

Glider on Tow.

Kenny was out and himself and SSF went for a blat.

Then after him was Hayden back out been a bit.

Finals 09.

Been a few Seagulls round lately must have discovered Stratford the place to be.

Brian must have had enough Hayden heading out on his lonesome.

Oh thats a shiney Mustang got her out for a under wing wash and a polish Thurday underneath.

The colour on SNJ is a bit more agricultral.

JTA heading home.

Now thats what I like to se a Happy Aviator.

Kenny checking out the Sonerai action.

SNJ on the taxi for 09.

Don doing the concentration thing again.

Hayden on finals 16

Going around as not working out.

Mean while down on 09 SNJ was away.

Wandering back to continue cleaning under the wings.

Hayden doing the paper work after Fueling SSF. We try keep tanks full so condensation is kept to as lil a possible as you do get it up here in Stratford with our Dynamic temperture extremes.

The ole Aerodrome Dog making his way home after missing his ATV ride home. He don't look best pleased either.

Don finals 09 with SNJ

Still concentrating .....

Very lil wind 

New Satilite receiving Station gone up should be sending stuff up to low orbit shortly.


Well we got the WX station up on to it's Temp pole should have power to Thursday.

Thats Don for today.

De briefing time.


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