Follow instructions on Terminal.

Please sign book in box.

Also if wanting a receipt do this pretty much after hose returned to holder.

When Fueling be careful of Splash back. It's brand new and pumps pretty quick.


I have seen people not winding the hose up when finished. If you do this consistantly I will be speaking to you as I can see you 24/7 (recorded) you will be paying for any damage incured. This facility is owned by the Stratford Aero Club Sport Flyers and not by any Fuel Company.

Treat it with respect it deserves or lose it.


Remember no Landing Fee's and uncontrolled Airspace.

Thanks for choosing SD (Stratford) as your Fueling stop

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Sunday 11th June dawned fine and very cool 5C ....

Moon setting over the Mountain.

DOK just chilling in the Chill.

SNW & Wayne getting ready for Flat Hills Fly-in.

But not without some Awesome SD AVGAS.

He's off.

ICE on the Cresco wing.

Ditto for DOK.

SNW warming up by the Snow Cone.

Nice Mountain shot.

DOK getting some RAY's

TEAM Warner heading out in big yella the Polaris.

SSF getting some sun whilst waiting for Jason to come warm her up.

RFD back in 27.

Then off & back again.

JPX taxing 34

Gliders out.

Al & RFD back

TGC with a big white thing following along behind.

I think the white thing has to give way.

JPX heading for some Gas.

Lads back in from Flat Hills SNG in first.

Then SNW.

Back for more gas 17 litres for that mornings flying SD, FH, FI back to SD. Not bad.

John taking 5.

Pete with his young fella came over for a look at all that's going on.

Chops the Aerodrome Farm dog was in for a visit & providing security vetting for a bit.

Gary & SNG

Alan & RFD away.

JPX heading out RWY 27 in amongst the Gliders.

Brett was in with YAK.

John back in also.

Nice scheme on ZK-YAK

Paul getting some flying instruction down on RWY-34

RSR was wrangling Alan about.

Lads still at it doing the training.

Oh Wayne got the arm out thing going on Jason looking totally fixed on it as ya do.

Brett & Al talking Aviation I suspect.

SSF with Jason & Wayne on the Taxi 27

RFD after her post flight bath.

SSF still taxing 27

Carpark filling up.

TGC in for break.

N9992T (EEJ) back in from some where's

SSF & the Chaps back 27

Plane park filling up.

SSF & Jason heading out for some circuits

DOK and Team Breen getting ready to bug out for HN.

Jason done bashing the Circuit heading the Hangar.

Ditto John & JPX

RSR getting sorted for Aviation

RSR & YAK pic

Nice DOK pic and check out that cloud...

On the Taxi 27

Brett getting ready for the Taxi 27.

YAK heading NP

Chaps having watched YAK heading for home ...Bummer low cloud base no Aero's.

RSR away heading into the Sun.

DOK still preparing for departure.

On the Taxi 09

Crowd in to see the Twin Take Off.

Outa here.

The Glyn bus on it's way home now that Mike the Glider Whisper has done his thing.

RSR in the overhead.

On Finals 09.


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Anonymous said...

team breen .......alan breen was a former instructor at the club several years ago