Follow instructions on Terminal.

When getting Fuel multiply your quantity by $2.60 for amount required or you will end up doing the card thing again. Example 60 Litres = $156.00

Please sign book in box.

Also if wanting a receipt do this pretty much after hose returned to holder.

When Fueling be careful of Splash back. It's brand new and pumps pretty quick.


I have seen people not winding the hose up when finished. If you do this consistantly I will be speaking to you as I can see you 24/7 (recorded) you will be paying for any damage incured. This facility is owned by the Stratford Aero Club Sport Flyers and not by any Fuel Company.

Treat it with respect it deserves or lose it.


Remember no Landing Fee's and uncontrolled Airspace.

Thanks for choosing SD (Stratford) as your Fueling stop

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Sunday the 14th was overcasty, Wet with some wind then a bit of rain thrown in for good measure.

Some from today over on the facebook page.


Popped down around lunch time Gary & SNG were in for Gas amongst other stuff. As was Wayne.

Yes it's all going fine again at the pumps. It was magic Mirrors and smoke that buggered the last two weekends.

Couple Hares getting frisky.

After some twiggling and swizling we pulled the Mustang out to give her a good run.

Chaps watching her do her thing. To wet to go flying anyhoo would have come back covered in mud. Although in saying that if we can fly much better than ground running.

Full Power burst with yours truly at the rear as Ballast I am good at ballasting and around the right weight........

Then back in the hangar for another look about. Which one needs to do as TVG ie the Mustang being quite a technical lil beastie in her operations.

The team giving her a good looking over Gary, Wayne and Craig.

Gary in the middle of one of his favorite past times panel screw removal all 50 millionish of them....

Assistant screw remover assisting in screw removal some just don't like to come out and have to be persuaded.

Gary taking a break from the screw thing.

Then hello whats that then.

Getting ready for the dismount all screw removal completed I think he's getting quicker.

Mountain there .... not looking particulary happy.

She was a tad damp and Muddy by all accounts looking at SNG's tail wheel a bit of 3 x 3 action.

SNG & Gary heading for FERNDENE on the taxi RWY-27.


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