Follow instructions on Terminal.

Please sign book in box.

Also if wanting a receipt do this pretty much after hose returned to holder.

Hose will reach out to Grass

When Fueling be careful of Splash back. It's brand new and pumps pretty quick.


This facility is owned by the Stratford Aero Club Sport Flyers and not by any Fuel Company.

Treat it with respect it deserves or lose it.


Remember no Landing Fee's and uncontrolled Airspace.

Thanks for choosing SD (Stratford) as your Fueling stop

Sunday, October 1, 2017

September 30th saw a lil activity around as heard on Radio & Machines flying past. Day turned out not to bad.

This here Victa Airtourer done up in RNZAF training scheme whizzed on by.

As did this C-182RG zoomed on by he was moving.

Now all this wood appeared round the Club House ....bit queer ....

This round the back. Now I said the Rain had been epic well this lot has flooded out from underneath the club house ...... that would take a fair amount of water with a bit of current to it. There are some big bits timber in that mix.

RSR mentally preparing for the Aviation thing.

No Alan didn't need that for flying we weren't going up to 60000 foot today. He was getting ready to Napalm the Weeds.

Safety first here at SD.

Thanks for volunteering ya time and equipment and spray Alan.

Feel free to come do stuff around the place people.

Getting there lil JAU just chilling looks great. Role round SUMMER. Please Mum Nature can we have a SUMMER this year.........

Mean while on the floor Alan was giving his Main Tyre's a Massage and some more air so they were around the same at both the top and bottom.

RVH had Gary out for a blat keep the Cobwebs etc at bay.

Gary doing the ZEN Prop thing as ya do.

Careful to look left & right before moving off least you taxi into a Plover or a Pukekeko or Paradise Ducks .

Doing the Warm up thing.

Taxing for 27.

Run up

Then back in take off on Facebook page,


That's the last flight Mud on the Spat strangely enough even though it was damp under wheel the Sun and enthusiastic wind Sat dried it out not to bad by around 1600 onwards.

Just after Take Off looking South at the Golf Course and SD Town behind.

That's the A&P show Grounds and Stock Car Track (Stockcars starts Labour weekend) Looking South West.

That'll be the Race Course looking South.

Orion Haulage Stock Fed store was Manager/Storeman there once. This just before turn off to Aerodrome which is left over the Railway lines. Looking South West.

Midhurst looking NNW.

Big ole Grain Silo at Midhurst. Hard to miss.

The Ponderosa.

Norfolk Road Airfield looking suitably WET. A gaggle of Cessna's

A long shot of above. Looking West.

Inglewood Loader Parts just South of Inglewood where Loaders etc go to die and decompose.

Approaching Ferndene Quarry from the South.

New Plymouth Model Aero Club flying site just to the South West of Gary's Strip.

That'll be Inglewood.

East of Inglewood was this whacking great Egg or Chicken Farm brand spanking about 4 million in sheds alone there.

Another Shot of Norfolk Airfield heading South looking West again.

Amazing what one See's when tootling around the place. This was South West of SD right up on the Bush Line against the National Park.

Well howdy the Semples looking good.

Kapuni the Balance Petro Chemical Plants looking South East.

That's Fonterra Kapuni looking South.

That Big Shed at the bottom of the pic is where they make the medical grade product for inhalers.

Okiwawa By Products site.

Looking South.

Fonterra main site Whareroa Looking East.

Approach & Overshoot Hawera Airfield.

Hello then seen that fella before.

That's Normanby a spit North of  Hawera Airfield.

Nice looking Half Round Housed and shed East side of Normanby.

Then a even bigger one just down the road.

If ya always Wondered where those real shiny Stainless Balls come from they come from this super secret facility here as shipped from here world wide.

Half shell of the ORB.

Eltham POO Ponds where there was a big fuss a few years back when a bit of Butter Milk was put through system it didn't work ponged for quite a while. I know cause I put a few tanker loads in there.

Beck Helicopters base just North of Eltham.

G'day Ian.

Stratford Power Station on the South East side of SD Aerodrome.

Some pic's of the Aerodrome.

Fuel Bowser.

Jeez nice looking LandRover there.

No that's not a Swimming Pool.

Turning Crosswind for 27.

Yup right place says so on the roof.

Oh look a LandRover nice.

The Paradise Ducks doing the mating thing.

Both playing hard to get.

Now go buy one of these great for pumping up ya Plane Tyre's ya just set what pressure ya want pop on floor go do something else as it auto shuts down. Will do 4 x Tyre's in one charge. also has small light so ya can see what ya doing and light enough to have in ya plane when ya away. Comes with in house Charger or 12V.

No hoses etc.

They are on special at Countdown for $99

Yeah man.

Would have done last night but fell asleep on couch as one does.

See ya.


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