Monday, December 18, 2017

Part 2 of  a very HOT Sunday 17th.

Luke looking to the Sky still as he watched every Bombing to see if he maintained the Lead.

Bantam (slightly slower) chewing the Phat with the Panther (Real Fast) during a break in Bombing.

Mark & PMD heading back to Feilding.FI

Gary & SNG will be escorting him outa the District. Marks eyes must have been to close together as he escorted him all the way to FI. Good job Gary.

Chaps getting ready RWY-34

Alan getting the Biz From Wayne in the way of the Bantam.

All the Guys had never Flown or been in the Bantam.

If you were on Alans side you were flying.

Looking super confident. The Bantam Grin.

Don heading out for a Blat & he just got back from Ardmore ya can never get to much of a good thing.

Heading for 34

He's off.

Rob chose to be the Bombardier (note the Bantam Grin) his Pilot Wayne.

Alan away for a Blat.

Yup that's what happens when ya take the lead Rob edged Luke outa first place.

I suspect Luke will be back to have another shot (Dad has been instructed to get a rating in the Bantam I suspect so he can practice.)

Don returning 34

Don was next after parking SNJ. Here Don indicating to Rob how he was gonna out Bomb him.

What every good Bantam Pilots wearing this Summer.

It was so hot left the hood up on SSF so she could cool down.

The Chaps planning there next Mission.

Don getting sorted for his Bantam 1st Flight and Flying as well.

On the taxi 34.

Some excellent Flying Machines

Chaps taking 5 bloody hard work all this comp stuff but a real hoot.

Lastly a Charf Cutter chugging past late afternoon at extreme range.


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