Saturday, December 30, 2017

Sat 30th Dec was Hot Hot Hot blue sky fluffy cloud kinda day.

TVG just getting some Rays waiting for her first Trial Flight of the Year.

The Team getting ready to do the Mustang thing. Couple lil Aussie's there arrived yesterday.

Yes we checked there Passports made sure all was in order. :0)

Waiting for the Pilot Dude as ya do.

Well it's a Mustang ya gotta have ya pic eh.

Janet on the Left there I think she needs a Mustang ride in her Life.

Yup the Mustang Grin.

On there way Taxi 09.

The ole Picnic tables very popular. I think we need a couple more.

DVA's etc under the Mountain who was still sleeping.

She was hot.

Mixing it with the Gliders.

Hare on his Take off Run RWY 09 , 34 then 09 again. He was flying had the Pedal down.

Gaggle Gliders & Tow plane.

TVG non traffic side for the downwind 09.

Back to the Club House.

Vid's here https://www.facebook.com/groups/1480127112008429/

Frankie was out for a Blat with Grandpa Don. Here getting Strapped in. Also wearing the Correct Head ware. Excellent.

Also her first small plane flight.

FLT CMNDR Frankie checking it's all done Proper like.

Got that Grandpa can I borrow the Plane for a bit look.

Yeah Man.

Checking everything out whilst her Pilot for the Day Squadron Leader Grandpa Don Straps himself in.

Canopy down they are off.

Yup good sitting height.

On the Taxi 09

Then back in .....

A TWO thumbs up can't get better than that.

Great evening

Been so good been eating outside the last week.

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