Saturday, December 16, 2017

Sat DEC 16th was hot it only showed 22C on WX Stn but 30 feet below it was well over 25C

Wayne snapped yours truly in me get up for flying the F-16 Bantam

Alan also snapping away as I was about to go aviate

A good gaggle of flying machines about the place.

Alan appeared in the Overhead back from Paraparaumuish way.

Gary swapped SNG for FYH for a bit and was totally overwhelmed by the speed of the Bantam.

Land 09 on the Taxi for Hangar 3

Don getting ready for his trip to Ardmore then Paul McCartney.

Here mounting his stead.

Wayne doing some Bantam stuff.

Don started and on Taxi for 09.

Rwy-09 doing the run up & DVA's

JLZ was out for a bit in a long while.

SND just chilling.

Gary heading home for some lunch.

The Fast & Slow side of Recreational Flying.

The Bantam a bit like a Rainbow very bright colouring oh look a outstanding Landrover there as well.

Standing By for her next Mission (Be Bombing Comp's Sun)

Some wing wobblers just hanging about the place.

SNW back from a meeting with a Toilet implement....

Ditto SNG.

The new Decals looking good.

Bantam on Sonerai Row.

Jodel D11 ZK-DYB beautifully made passing the Eastern side of Aerodrome heading for home base I suspect at PP.

I have flown in DYB way back when Graham French (thanks Graham) owned her nice machine even has speed brake.

The chaps practising Formation & Stuff.

Bit Grey sky and not great for focusing.

That's it

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