Sunday, December 17, 2017

Sunday 17th DEC & B,Jesus it was hot......

Part 1

A  good gaggle of flying machines for his early in the morning.

Gary giving the Mustang a Tickle and Slap before getting her airborne.

The Fast mover line up.

Isobel looking fine.

SSF on the taxi for 27 Mustang doing DVA's etc.

Mustang ready to rumble.

Then us about to aviate.

He's off.

We followed Gary round the patch.

Best shots of the day.

Capt Stu looks like he's having a hoot.

Gary looking for the HUN.

Hangar Row.

SSF Finals 27.

Just coming over the fence.

Chaps checking out SND with Mark checking over his old stead.

Cmndr Luke settling in.

SAL & Rob arriving in the overhead.

The Glider Guiders were out for a bit.

Kenny hauling out SND and Luke.

SAL on the taxi for the Hangars.

Passing some sexy other flying machines.

Check out that heat shimmer.....

Arriving back in the Overhead.

The latest Fastest to the  Slowest.

Couple fast movers on the move for 34.

SSF just chilling after a few laps around the circuit.

Mustang & SNW just chewing the Phat as ya do.

Mark & Panther PMD hdading out to try for the Spot.

These Chaps wandered over to check out the Mustang as ya do. welcome anytime team.

Bantam on the Bombing run.

Couple fast moving Nose's 

Bantam landing on the spot.

Around for another run.

Alan & RSR holding for the Bantam on bombing run.

SSF getting some air it was HOT.

Command Vehicle and a Fine looking Landrover.

Alan away to try his luck for the Spot.

Flt Cmndr & Bombardier Luke suitably ready for some Bantam Bombing

Strapped in for his bombing Mission with Wayne being his Pilot for the day.

Got that Bomber Pilot look going down.

First Run in.

Flt Cmndr Luke did well and is now leading.

Kenny all suited up see if he can out Bomb Luke.

Looking suitably confident.

Luke also looking super confident he will remain in the lead.

Kenny & Wayne just about to head of.

First run.

Mean while over in the Fast Mover row they were just sunning themselves.

Luke watching intently as dad try's to out Bomb him.

The lead did not change Rob was next.
Part 2 tomorrow.

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