Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Monday 9th Jan was HOT I even got sunburnt.....bugger.

Couple Blowies on the Landrover doing the Double Decker thing. They left once I got to about 70kph.

Hughes 369 was in for a while as he advised he had a vibration going on above all others. He had called in the Calvary.

He is outa Northland but was down our way moving the Yella & Black crowd around the place.

That's the Engineer arriving down from North Shore.

After a few good squirts of Vibration away and a stern talking to all was good to go. It really took around 4 plus hours and a fair amount of test flying.

LTW was in from Masterton with Andrew LTW was gonna have a bit of R & R at SD and LTH was gonna go see what happens down Masterton ways for a bit whilst Mark still on R & R. I suspect be all on once the big HOT really settles in won't be far Snow & Ice just about gone of Mountain.

A Crescoathon LTH up front & LTW bring up the rear.

They still come another Mustang Fan.

LTH heading South Eastish for Masterton.

WKT about to head off for home after attending to the 369.

On the taxi 27.

Young Bruce Aitken (he's 92) ex Aviator was in for a Chat and a look about late afternoon on his way back to Taupo.

Buy some AVGAS Team so I can get 10.000 Litres in the tank on Monday.

Vid's here.


See ya.

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